Brand Review: Aloha Funwear

Aloha.  It's a word you've probably heard in passing, or maybe you've been to its native state of Hawaii yourself.  Everyone knows that it means “hello” or “goodbye”, but to the creators of Aloha Funwear, Aloha is more than just a simple word.  

After struggling to make ends meet and keep his business afloat, Aloha Funwear’s founder, Scott, was on the verge of calling it quits.  Nothing seemed to be going his way until he looked down and realized that he was wearing a handsome Hawaiian shirt. 

On the tropical islands of Hawaii, Aloha shirts are a sign of tradition and community.  They are often worn on “Aloha Fridays” as a celebration of the hard work done that week.  They resemble happiness, a free spirit, creativity, and most importantly -- hope.  

Scott knew that if he was gonna talk the talk (a.k.a. wear the shirt) that he’d better walk the walk.  And so, Aloha Funwear was (re)born.  To their team, Aloha means new beginnings and trust in the future.  That's why Aloha Funwear wants to share everything they have with you!  By wearing Hawaiian shirts, we can help keep the Aloha spirit alive for years and years to come.  



Paradise is just a shirt (or dress!) away… 

Aloha Funwear is grounded in the phrase “look good, feel good”.  While wearing blissful floral patterns and vibrant colors, how could you not soak up every magical minute?  Whether you're packing for your dream vacation or simply for a day at the beach, be sure to include one of our favorite pieces from Aloha Funwear.  


Bamboo Garden Black Camp Shirt

This elegant 100% rayon resort shirt features genuine bamboo buttons and a subtle leaf design.  It comes in sizes XS through 2XL and is made in Hawaii, just like most of Aloha Funwear’s merchandise.  To style, tuck the Bamboo Garden Black Camp Shirt into your favorite pair of jeans, roll the sleeves, undo the top button, and finish it off with layered gold jewelry.  This look would be perfect for date night or dinner on the coast.  For a laid back approach, unbutton the shirt completely and wear it as a swimsuit cover up.  Throw on some sandals, tie your hair in a top knot, and you're ready for the beach!



Islander Fonds Cream Dress

Say “aloha” to Aloha Funwear’s line of Hawaiian print dresses.  These dresses are perfect for a casual night out or even a destination wedding!  The Islander Fonds Cream Spaghetti Strap Dress (pictured) combines just the right amount of formal with fun.  Wear it alone to stay cool on a hot summer day, or layer a jacket over top on a cool night.  Either way, this dress is a must have in your closet!




Luana Tube Romper

Ladies, listen up.  The Luana Tube Romper by Aloha Funwears Angels of the Sea collection is absolutely precious for summer!  This piece comes in sizes S/M and M/L, as well as in 3 different colors.  Grab two of your besties and you can all have matching rompers (I’m ordering mine now!).  Both the top of the romper and waistband are fixed with an elastic to make sure no matter how hard you party, that everything will stay in place.  





Vacation Ready Accessories

No outfit is finished without accessories, right?  Don't worry, Aloha Funwear has the trendiest pieces for this summer.  

Cross-Body Circle Rattan Purse

This handmade 100% straw rattan bag features a gorgeous natural tan color.  It has a sewn in lining along with a knob enclosure to keep all of your goodies safe.  The Cross-Body Rattan Purse measures 7 inches across and comes with a handcrafted 24 inch strap.  I imagine this pairing flawlessly with a sundress and some circle sunglasses.  



Big Seagrass Handbag

Did someone say picnic at the beach? This bag is just the right size to hold everything you could need for a fun little day trip.  Pack your towel, swimsuit, lunch, water bottle, and wallet, and you're good to go!  The Big Seagrass Handbag also comes in a smaller version -- both of which include custom-made wooden handles and a zippered lining.  This specific bag is 15 x 4 x 12 inches.  



When you subscribe to Aloha Funwear’s newsletter, you can receive 10% off first order!  Once you sign up, the code will be waiting for you in your inbox.  Shop a selection of both womens and means Hawaiian apparel, all while saving a bit of cash.  Plus, receive FREE U.S. shipping on all orders over $75!



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