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Bestselling author and inventor of the FasciaBlaster, Ashley Black, has taken the women's health and fitness worlds by storm.  Due to years of suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child, Ashley began to create her own therapies and techniques to ease her pain.  She found that stretching and massaging, along with heat remedies, would allow her to refuse the use of pain medications.  Fascinated by how simply manipulating the fascia tissue could make her both look and feel, Ashley continued her research and developed the FasciaBlaster.  

Black has poured her heart and soul into studying fascia.  When she survived a deadly bone infection after the birth of her second child, she knew that she had to share her discoveries with the world.  FasciaBlaster is now one of the fastest growing companies and is raved about among athletes and women of all ages.  


What is Fascia?

Fascia is the layer of tissue that surrounds every single organ and muscle in our bodies.  The fascia’s thin fibers provide a smooth layer just under our skin, holding our muscles, nerves, bones, and blood vessels together.  By releasing the “knots” in the fascia layer, you will feel improved mobility and less pain.  Not to mention the quicker recovery time, release of toxins, and hydration benefits.  When the fascia goes untouched for long periods of time, it can crinkle up and adhere to the skin above it.  This creates small dimples and lumps on the skin’s surface, known as cellulite.  By using the FasciaBlaster, you are slowly massaging the fascia back into its slippery and smooth state.  



The FasciaBlaster Collection

The key to getting the most out of your FasciaBlaster journey is following the three simple steps:  Prep, Message, Refine.  Unlike foam rollers that glide over the fascia lumps, FasciaBlaster uses a unique claw design to separate and (safely) dig into knots.  

Prep | MasterBlaster

The MasterBlaster is a great option to kickstart your FasciaBlaster obsession.  It has 9 claws to help loosen and relax the top layer of tissue.  This allows for deep manipulation of the fascia later on.  It is important to prep your body before using a larger clawed tool in order to get the most out of your fascia blasting session.  (Think of this step like stretching before you workout.)











Massage | BigDaddy FasciaBlaster

With two extra claws than the O.G. FasciaBlaster, the BigDaddy can cover larger surfaces with ease.  These claws are a bit larger as opposed to a prep tool.  With the BigDaddy, you can push deeper into the fascia, releasing any lumps or tightness.  (Think of this step as the heat of your workout.)

Refine | Mini 2

Use the Mini 2 on hard to reach places and areas of serious tension.  You will feel amazing after you finish your blasting session with a quick refining massage to loosen intense knots and stiffness.  The Mini 2 is perfect for on the go use and travel as well! (Think of this as the cool down stretch after your workout.)

BlasterOil and AfterBlaster Cream

It is essential to use an oil while FasciaBlasting.  Oil will allow your blasting tool to glide smoothly over the skin to avoid irritation.  Ashley Black’s BlasterOil comes in a spray bottle, ideal for spritzing onto the skin without the need of rubbing it on with your hands.  This keeps your hands and FasciaBlaster oil-free so you can get a firm grip.  Genius, am I right?

The AfterBlaster Cream is loaded with ingredients to help tighten and smooth the skin after blasting.  Your skin will feel supple and energized after using Ashley’s secret firming formula, trust me!  Pick up this duo to bring your fascia blasting passion to new heights.  




The Future of Fasciology

Ms. Black is devoted to sharing her knowledge and the science behind Fasciology with the world.  She has plans to create a college curriculum around Fasciology, as well as a passion to train massage therapists in the techniques of fascia blasting.  Keep an eye out for future presentations and documentaries, featuring Ashley herself, explaining the depth and truth behind fascia. 

Stay up-to-date with Ashley on Instagram at @ashleyblackguru.  Now what are you waiting for?  Get blasting!

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