Brand Review: Beckett Simonon

Walking the walk without handing over your life savings is inherently unheard of.  We spend hours fawning over luxurious items, wishing that they would magically end up in our closet, and ultimately forking over the cash to fill our desires.  But what nobody seems to be asking is quite simple: Why are we really paying this much for a product that claims to be high quality?  Doesn't everybody deserve attention to detail and longevity?

Beckett Simonon has cracked the case on this dilemma that we all face.  By creating made-to-order batches, Beckett Simonon has rid their budget of possible setbacks from unsold merchandise.  By selling straight to you without middlemen (think retail stores, distributor, sourcing agents- somebody has to pay them), the savings are passed directly onto you.  This is Beckett Simonon’s secret to delivering genuine leather apparel straight to you, without breaking the bank.  

Given that each and every Beckett Simonon order is made personally for the customer, fast fashion impulse buying is cut down to zero.  Remember, it’s always more beneficial in the long run to wait a little longer for a quality product to be crafted as opposed to replacing a cheap get-it-now alternative every season.  Beckett Simonon strives to be extremely low waste by monitoring production sizes to fit only what is ordered.  This way resources can be saved and only what is needed is taken from our planet.  

Each Beckett Simonon shoe is guaranteed to fit your foot better each time you put in on.  We promise that you will be reaching for your latest pair of timeless kicks, time and time again.  



Our Favorites from Beckett Simonon

Don't know where to start your Beckett Simonon order?  Check out a few of our favorites below.  

Preston Chelsea Boots

These classic boots made of full-grain Argentinian leather offer a clean and sleek wear.  Dress them up for work or pair them with your go-to mom jeans for a weekend look.  The Preston Chelsea Boots are detailed with elastic side panels to make slipping them on and off a breeze.  All of Beckett Simonon’s shoes get better with age as they form to the unique shape of your foot. This pair comes in 5 different stately shades (pictured in black).  



Garcia High Top Sneakers

Old school sneakers are on the rise… and they can come with a pretty hefty price tag.  While only time can turn a shoe into a vintage find, Beckett Simonon’s Garcia High Tops replicate it pretty dang well.  I mean how cute would these gray and white sneakers look with a trendy pair of biker shorts and an oversized tee?  Designed with Vachetta leather and rubber soles, your new pair of High Tops will allow your feet to breathe while absorbing any shock.  Whether you’re hooping, taking the dog around the block, or walking in a retro fashion show, the Garcia High Top Sneakers are for you.  



Molina Belt

Did you know that Beckett Simonon carries luxurious belts and bags alongside their lavish kicks?  Their Molina Belt comes in 4 full-grain leather hues and 6 different sizes, perfect for looping around your jeans or dress pants. Made with authentic brass that is promised to never rust, this belt will become a staple in your closet.  And just like all of Beckett Simonon shoes, the leather used to produce each and every belt is hand cut and waxed.  Now that is luxury. 


Beckett Simonon offers a one year warranty, as well as free shipping and returns to the US.  Still not convinced?  Check out their 60 day money back guarantee on all unworn shoes!  Plus when you sign up for emails, you can get 20% off your first purchase.

Don't wait around to buy the high end shoes of your dreams.  Stop by Beckett Simonon today and invest in a long lasting, hand-crafted pair for an unparalleled price.  

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