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DIY lovers and craft enthusiasts, this one's for you!  Never again will you fork over hundreds of dollars for an oh-so-cute sign.  Instead, use Essential Stencil’s high quality, affordable, and made-to-last stencils to make your own!

Warning:  Essential Stencil will become your new favorite hobby and you may end up with countless pieces of adorable home decor.

In all seriousness, Essential Stencil is everything you can hope and dream for when it comes to DIY accents for your home.  Minimal and farmhouse styles have made huge appearances in the interior design world within the past few years.  As a result, trendy yet simplistic signs have jumped in price, being sold for outrageous amounts of cash.  This is quite ridiculous considering you really only need a piece of wood, paint, a brush, and of course your Essential Stencil!  Whether you're decorating a kids room, welcome area, living space, or kitchen, Essential Stencil has the supplies for you!


Essential Stencil Favorites

We’ve handpicked some of Essential Stencils most trendiest and sought after designs, just for you!  Make your home cozy and inviting by picking these bestsellers… 

Vertical Welcome Sign

Grab a spare board from the garage and get painting!  You and your guests will fall in love with this elegant and friendly sign that can sit right outside your front door.  This stencil is made of flexible mylar (AKA thick plastic), making it reusable time and time again.  The Vertical Welcome Sign also comes with two bonus stencils- a paw print and wreath stencil!  Use on a 5 foot plank for best results.  

***Pro Tip: Use the Vertical Welcome Sign stencil on one side of your plank and the Vertical Merry Christmas Sign stencil on the other.  When the holidays come around, turn over your sign for instant Christmas cheer!  Plus, that's one less sign taking up space in your holiday decor bin.  




Gather, Welcome, Farmhouse Stencil Set

How could we not include this charming trio?  This set would look so cozy in an entryway or hanging above a fireplace!  Like the Welcome Sign, these stencils are 100% reusable.  Keep a set for yourself and make another to give as a house warming or Mother’s Day gift!  The possibilities are endless with this set.  Pick all three up now for just under $16.00!




Skinny Alphabet and Numbers Stencil Set

Label makers are out and Essential Stencils are in!  Deck out every kitchen container, basket, and shelf with this alphabet set.  You will be an organized queen!  These are also great for making custom sayings, as Essential Stencil doesn't offer made-to-order stencils- yet!  This set of stencils comes in all uppercase and are 2 inches tall.  You can also find lettering packs in Script, Scrabble Style, Roman, Bold, and Classic.  



Seasonal Collections

Essential Stencil has a stencil collection for every season you can think of!  Celebrate Spring, Valentines Day, Fall, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter with the help of Essential Stencil.  We've linked their Summer Collection here, and their Patriotic Collection here!




How to Use your Essential Stencil


Using Essential Stencil is easy as can be as long as you follow the correct steps. 

First, choose your surface.  We prefer a piece of wood but canvas can work too.  If you are stenciling onto glass or ceramic, check out the next step.  If you would like to prep your surface by painting a base color, do that now. 

Second, grab your paint.  Thicker and more pigmented paints work better for stenciling than thin or watercolor paints.  Thick paint will help prevent bleeding.  Make sure to read any painting instruction and to pick up the correct paint if you are working on glass or ceramic.  You don't want your creation to wash off!

Next, tape your stencil down using painters tape.  Be careful to only tape around the edges and to no interfere with the design.

After that, use a stippling technique to apply the paint.  Make sure to offload your paint before making contact.  The video link above does a great job at going over this technique!

Lastly, peel away your stencil and touch up any mistakes with a thin paintbrush.  Wait for it to dry and you're done!  

Essential Stencil offers free US shipping on all orders over $45.  Don't miss out on the DIY fun!  Order your Essential Stencil today and get painting!  

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