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By now you've gone through 15 different puzzles, have organized every cupboard and closet, and even cleaned out the dreaded junk drawer.  Now what?  We've got the solution to end your quarantine boredom!  

Heartful Diamonds makes creating stunning art pieces a breeze.  Diamond painting is a relatively new concept of art.  By placing shimmering rhinestones in a color-by-number fashion you can make picturesque designs with little to no experience.  Keep reading to see how easy diamond painting really is!



A Beginners Guide to Diamond Painting

Diamond painting can be done in just 5 simple steps.  While finding a new hobby can be hard, we promise that diamond painting is the perfect pastime for young, old, and everybody in between. 

Step 1: Choose your Heartful Diamonds kit

Heartful Diamonds carries hundreds of unique diamond painting kits.  Find everything from flowers and cars to animals and scenic views.  Each kit comes with a canvas, reference sheet, stylus, diamonds, a pallet, and glue.  (We've listed some of our favorite kits below).

Step 2:  Organize your workspace

Make sure you have all of your pieces by laying them out in front of you.  Look over your design and dump out your first color of rhinestones into your pallet.

Step 3:  Start Gluing

Peel the clear film off of your canvas.  Dip your stylus onto the glue sheet and pick up your first diamond.  Place it in the correct square according to the color and repeat.  

Step 4: Press down on your painting

By pressing down firmly over the entirety of your painting will ensure that every diamond is secure.  

Step 5: Show it to your friends!

Show off your painting by framing it or snapping a quick picture.  Maybe even wrap it up and give it to a special someone!



Heartful Diamonds Bestsellers

Don't know which kit to start with?  Check out a few of Heartful Diamonds bestsellers.  

Once Upon a Shooting Star

This painting’s cotton candy clouds are the perfect addition to any bedroom or office space.  Capture a whimsical feeling of elegance while putting together this piece.  You can pick up Once Upon a Shooting Star for just $27.00.  






Santorini Greece

The Santorini Greece full coverage painting comes in 4 sizes ranging from 10 x 16 inches to 20 x 30 inches.  Remember, the larger the size, the more detail.  But seriously, how cute would this look hanging above a love seat or headboard?  Totally chic. 



Do What Makes You Happy

This painting would fit wonderfully in a washroom or on a vanity.  Do What Makes You Happy comes with the option of round or square diamonds.  Round diamonds are easier to place, but you may see gaps between them in smaller print sizes.  You can find this painting for $25.00 and up. 



Custom Paintings from Heartful Diamonds

Did you know that Heartful Diamonds does custom diamond paintings?  Create gorgeous prints for family members and loved ones by painting them a timeless diamond picture.  Simply upload your desired photo, select your size and shape, and you're done!  Check out some previous customers designs and ordering tips here!  



Why Diamond Painting?

In our world of screens, stress, and endless notifications, we rarely stop to appreciate the art in the world.  Taking time to physically do something with your hands like painting or drawing is proven to increase focus and decrease stress.  Diamond painting is much easier than regular painting, as the design is already drawn out and the colors are already given a place.  It is something anybody can do no matter your age or ability.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Take some time to create something lasting and beautiful with a kit from Heartful Diamonds!  

Heartful Diamonds ensures 365 day money back and 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as no hassle returns and secure ordering.  Shop from both US and international locations, today!

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