Brand Review: Laced Up


Laced Up is the place to go for anything and everything Streetwear.  By bringing both preowned and new luxury shoes, clothing, accessories, Laced Up has grown from a small shop in Albany to the boss of the Streetwear World.  

Authentic Hype Brands

Streetwear isn't just clothing. It's a culture.  By combining Cali surf-skate attire with New York hip hop vibes, Streetwear was born.  It is home to some of the freshest brands such as Supreme, Off White, Yeezy, Jordan, and Bape - all of which you will find at Laced Up.  Laced Up buys, sells, and trades the latest and most trendiest items.  Getting authentic (and oftentimes discounted) pieces into your wardrobe has never been smoother.  

Designer Kicks

Laced Up has the largest selection of new and used designer shoes on the market.  You can shop by size or by brand.  Discover hundreds of sneakers that are no longer in production or are limited edition from Air Jordan, Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, and Off White. Each shoe is tested for authenticity and cleaned up before it ships.   Plus most sneakers come in their original box, adding a layer of luxury.  





First-Class Apparel

You might be thinking, what's so dope about a few t-shirts?  Laced Up carries the coolest collection of high-end apparel that you literally can’t find anywhere else on the internet.  From discontinued prints to big name collabs, Laced Up has it.  If you're looking to cop Supreme, Bape, Aape, Champion, or Anti Social Club, you’ve got to check out Laced Up.  




Crisp Accessories 

Keep the flow going wherever you’re at! Laced up is stocked with items for your electronics such as phone and AirPod cases.  Or, deck out your crib with sweet canvas prints from Air Jordan.  Remember, a hype look isn’t complete without the finishing touches. 




Creators of the OG Hype Mystery Box

You may have heard of Laced Up from their unique high-end mystery boxes.  Each box is packed with elite products at an amazing value.  Here’s how they work...

  1. Select your price: this determines the quantity and potentially the brands of the items in your box
  2. Select your size: pick the size(s) you want to receive
  3. Order! 

Mystery Boxes make for awesome as well as a way to expand your style.  You can shop them here.  


If you happen to be in the New York area, you have to stop in at one of Laced Up’s four brick and mortar locations in Albany, Palisades, Queens, and Brooklyn.  For now you can shop Laced Up’s entire collection here.  Laced Up is always getting new picks in, so make sure you stop by frequently to get the best steals.  

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