Brand Review: LadyBoss

What is LadyBoss?


LadyBoss is helping women gain back one of the most important things to a female: confidence!  Sound familiar? LadyBoss has been featured on the Today show, CBS, Buzzfeed, Forbes magazine, Fox, NBC, and even ABC!  This company has helped over 300,000 women improve their quality of life by losing weight. Here's how...

The Women Behind LadyBoss

LadyBoss was founded by an amazing group of women who are all, of course, LadyBosses themselves!  Founder Kaelin Poulin found herself battling an eating disorder when she discovered that weight loss shouldn't be complicated.  After losing 65 pounds, Kaelin started bodybuilding and became very successful at it. Now a best-selling author and highly sought after trainer, Kaelin is helping average women lose weight too.  With her team of lovely LadyBoss coaches, weight loss has never been easier. Every woman is a LadyBoss, she just has to embrace it!



Personalized and Proven Programs

LadyBoss offers 8 different weight loss programs, designed for your personal lifestyle and needs.  Programs range from 7 to 30 days in length and all include Kaelin's amazing weight loss secrets.  Don’t know where to start your weight loss journey?  Check out LadyBoss’s specific programs, individualized to target your desired results.   

FREE 7-Day Trial:  This plan debunks all the weight loss myths you've ever heard.  Take a sneak peek into the LadyBoss lifestyle with the FREE 7-Day trial.  This plan includes:

  • New workout plans with tutorials every day
  • A complete meal plan with hundreds of recipes
  • An accountability group of LadyBosses to motivate you and make sure you stay on track
  • AND extra bonuses such as at home workouts, ab and cardio programs, and an out-to-eat restaurant guide!

Start your FREE 7-day trial here to unleash your inner LadyBoss!

Live 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge: For women looking to dive headfirst into improving their lifestyle, the 28-day challenge provides extraordinary results right from your phone.  For just $1 (yes, just $1!) and no monthly or hidden fees this plan will provide you with:

  • Everything included in the 7-Day trial (listed above) 
  • A step-by-step and day-by-day playbook that makes weight loss fun and easy to follow
  • A LadyBoss printable 28-day calendar to keep you motivated and on track
  • Live coaching from LadyBoss trainers daily to make sure you never feel alone on your journey
  • A chance to win $1,000 for being a Challenge Champ PLUS a free copy of Kaelin's book, Big Fat Lies!

Enroll for the 28-Day Live Challenge here.  Receive a $1,068 value for just $1!

LadyBoss Ultimate Training Academy:  Get ready for fast and permanent weight loss.  This program is proven to control your cravings, push you to be consistent, and leave you begging for a workout!  The UTA program comes with:

  • 6 week reflect and review sessions via conference call with your personal LadyBoss trainer
  • A 6 week body rewire curriculum
  • An accountability system to help you engrain your healthy habits
  • Unlimited access to the UTA vault, along with a UTA workbook

Start your ultimate transformation today!  You can get this program, valued at $3,837, for only $297 here!


Supplements Backed By Science

LadyBoss knows how important it is to supply your body with the nutrients it needs.  Whether you are looking for an energy boosted morning or a post-workout recovery, LadyBoss has it.  Here's a breakdown of all their made-for-women supplements.

LadyBoss LEAN Protein Powder:  This soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO whey protein powder helps boost the immune system, curb sweet cravings, and improve digestive health.  Plus it takes like yummy vanilla cake! How can you resist?

LadyBoss BURN:  Boost your metabolism and fat-burning potential with BURN.  This jitter-free and safe supplement will decrease appetite and increase food satisfaction with 5-HTP.

LadyBoss FUEL:  This mood-enhancing energy powder uses niacin and beta-alanine to boost energy and improve endurance during your workout.  Simply mix the “motivation in a bottle” to water and enjoy your watermelon flavored drink 20 minutes before your workout.  

LadyBoss RECOVER: Keep your body in prime weight loss state with this amino acid and electrolyte packed powder.  Take care of your lean muscle tissue by repairing muscle recovery. Never stop for sore muscles again!

LadyBoss REST: Optimize your sleep with LadyBoss’s non-habit-forming REST tablets.  Decrease morning grogginess and feel energized to take on the day. Lemon Balm, Passionflower, and Valerian Root will have you falling fast asleep (and staying asleep!) in no time.  

Join The Movement With LadyBoss Swag

Feel good and look good while doing it!  LadyBoss SWAG doesn’t only carry life-changing cookbooks and progress trackers.  Gear up with workout clothing and accessories worn by LadyBosses everywhere! A variety of tanks, long sleeves, capris, and shorts come in sizes small through XXL, ensuring a comfortable fit for every LadyBoss.  Feel empowered with encouraging decals and LadyBoss water bottles. Shop the entire LadyBoss line here!


Kickstart your weight loss journey today by gaining back your quality of life.  Every woman - including you - is strong, powerful, and most importantly, a LadyBoss.

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