Brand Review: LashLiner Magnetic Lashes

We've all been there.  Hopelessly sitting in front of the mirror, frustrated with a lash that just won't cooperate.  Somehow after a million methods and attempts, our nails (and lashes) are covered in glue.  There has to be an easier way!

That’s where LashLiner comes in.  The LashLiner System was created to give women gorgeous lashes within a matter of minutes - without the frustration.  All you need is the LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner and your favorite LashLiner lashes.  Watch your lashes (literally) click into place before your eyes!


How to Use LashLiner

You can have beautiful lashes with just a few simple steps!  First apply not one, but two coats of LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner.  After allowing it to dry for 30 seconds, place your LashLiner lash on top of the liner, starting at the inner corner.  Gently place the rest of the lash and press down to secure.  Voila!  Instant captivating lashes.

To remove, peel off the lashes, wipe off any remaining glue or makeup from the lash with a makeup remover, and store for future use!  And yes! LashLiner Lashes are reusable.  No more spending hundreds of dollars on throw-away lashes!

Need more tips and tricks?  LashLiner has a whole page dedicated to tutorials and videos.  You can find it here!




Lashes for Every Occasion

Finding a flattering lash length and style for your eye shape can be tough.  That's why LashLiner offers 8 different lash styles, ranging from simple to full-glam.  Here's a rundown of a few of our favorite LashLiner picks.  


New York

The New York lash is LashLiners most basic option.  This is a great choice for everyday wear, as this lash looks authentic and blends in perfectly with your natural lashes.  The New York lash works stunningly for those with small eyes or for those that struggle with thin lashes as well.  Made from synthetic materials, these lashes are not only cruelty and gluten free, but also vegan!










The Seattle lash is a beautiful middleground between natural and glam.  This lash would look amazing on a fun night out or as a classy way to draw attention to the eyes.  All of LashLiner’s lashes can be trimmed down to fit your eye shape, making it perfect for all women.  




Calling all party gals and lash queens!  The Dallas lash is here to help you get that perfectly snatched look.  This is the longest and most voluptuous lash that LashLiner offers.  It incorporates a V pattern and feathered ends to create a soft yet glamorous look.  Lashliner lashes can be applied with or without the LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner, but we recommend applying it with, as it is much easier!



If you fear that larger lashes will have a hard time staying lifted, LashLiner has got you covered!  Each set of lashes come with 8 free bonus anchors that help keep your lashes attached and stable.  For a quick boost, apply the anchor under your natural lash and snap it onto the LashLiner lash above.  Use on the corners of your eye or along the whole waterline for maximum security.  




Does LashLiner Really Work?

If you don't trust me, let Elle Magazine, Buzzfeed, and even Tati Westbrook do the talking!  That’s right.  The LashLiner System is beauty guru certified.  It’s even said to be better than Ardell!  

You can shop the LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner in black, brown, or gray here. Or, save a few dollars and create a bundle of your favorite lashes and liner for almost half the price.  As a bonus, LashLiner offers free-shipping to the US! 


Say goodbye to sticky and frustrating lashes.  Pick up your LashLiner Magnetic Eyelash system today!

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