Brand Review: Lotus Lashes

Where It All Started

Lotus Lashes was founded on the desire to bring gorgeous faux eyelashes to gorgeous women everywhere, without the outrageous price tag.  As the beauty community started to grow, Lotus Lashes saw the increasing demand for genuine and faux mink lashes. In 2008, the Lotus Lashes was founded out of Henderson, Nevada.  The company believes in the idea that eyelashes should be a symbol of enhanced confidence and beauty in women all around the world, hence the name Lotus Lashes.  


Lashes for Everyone

Whether you are looking for a simple lash for going into the office or a dramatic lash for a night out on the town, Lotus Lashes is sure to have it.  They offer both faux vegan and cruelty-free authentic mink in their long-lasting, lightweight and reusable lashes. Designed for all eye shapes, Lotus Lashes are exceedingly comfortable and can be worn up to 25 times!  Lotus Lashes are perfectly safe for contact wearers as well. All lashes are chemical-free and sterilized, meaning they are great for sensitive eyes.  

Benefits of Wearing Lotus Lashes

Not only will you look stunning in these lashes, but you'll be receiving exclusive deals while doing so! Join Lotus Lashes’ Rewards Program to earn points just for purchasing Lotus Lashes.  You can unlock deals like free shipping, birthday gifts, lash applicators, and even free lashes! Sign up today and you'll be gifted 20 points just for joining!  


Which Lashes Should I Get?

Let's be real, in a perfect world, all of them!  Lotus Lashes offers such a wide range of high-quality lashes that there is a style for everyone!  Here are a few of our favorites to get you started…

For a natural look: Try lash No. 116 (pictured to the left).  These light volume mink lashes use a crisscross pattern to create an eye-catching look.  No. 116 is thicker at the base and grows thinner as the lash grows, making it perfect for everyday wear.  

For a versatile look: Check out lash No. FX33.  These faux mink lashes create a captivating cat-eye look.  Wispy flares combined with sharp edges enhance the eye with a bit more finesse.  

For a full glam look:  Calling all drag queens and glam makeup lovers- this lash is for you.  The Lotus Lashes Diamond Series set contains three striking sets of lashes, ideal for any face of full glam.  With names like Certified, Princess Cut, and VVS, how could these lashes not absolutely slay?

Find all of these sensational lashes online at  Here's to strengthening and bringing confidence to all lash-wearers, one set of lashes at a time.  

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