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Odor is part of our everyday lives.  Unfortunately, we all sweat and we all stink at the end of the day.  But what if there was a way to help our bodies stay fresher longer?  A way to gain our confidence back from years of untimely and unruly sweat?  Now there is. 

Lume Deodorant started due to hundreds of false diagnoses for body odor, in almost every place imaginable.  Founder Shannon Klingman, a OB/GYN, knew that simply tossing prescriptions at any patient with BO wasn't solving the problem.  After years and years of research and testing, Lume was born.  

Before Lume, all deodorants that claimed to help body odor contained baking soda and aluminum.  These ingredients can burn the skin and even clog pores, making the problem worse.  Lume is skin safe, naturally scented, baking soda, aluminum, and cruelty-free, and vegan!  Instead of just masking odor, Lume prevents it.  You can think of Lume more as a pre-odorant as opposed to a de-odorant.  

The Original Stick Deodorant

Keep your pits (or wherever you need!) odor-free for 72 hours.  Lume’s unique water-based formula performed 6 times better than its “all-natural competitors”.  Like I said before, Lume stops the odor before it even begins.  This results in an all-day clinically proven coverage. It's a win-win!

The Lume Stick Deodorant comes in unscented, as well as a variety of natural scents such as Lavender Sage, Juniper Berry, and Silver Spruce.  Each scent is doctor developed and 100% hypoallergenic.  Swipe this stick on your underarms or use it “down under”. 

Wait.  It comes in a tube too?

It sure does! for easier application on those “anywhere else” areas, Lume’s Natural Tube Deodorant is a great option.  It is travel friendly, and comes in the same amazing scents listed above.  Use in small amounts or all over the body for those extra sweaty days.  Pick it up here for 18.99!










Lume's Soaps and Wipes

Can’t get enough of Lume?  Us either! Use their SLS, paraben, phthalate, and artificial dye free formula for clean and hydrated skin.  This soap trades out commercial ingredients for essential and plant-based oils.  Lume’s Natural Soap is safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin.   You can find the whole collection here!

Need to freshen up on the go?  Try Lume’s Clean Cotton Wipes.  Use on any exterior skin after the gym, before a romantic evening, or for a midday refresher.  Lume’s wipes promise to never dry or irritate skin, and to only leave a fresh cotton scent behind.  Pick up a 15 pack here and store in your purse, closet, or backpack for a quick cleanse.  



For a limited time, Lume is offering free shipping on orders over $20.  And as a bonus, all orders are processed in one business day, making it super quick to get Lume in your hands (and your armpits!).  Make sure you subscribe and save, so you never run out of your favorite Lume products!

It's time to face this problem head on.  Shop Lume today to put an end to embarrassing and unfavorable body odor.  

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