Brand Review: Lyssé New York

As ladies, we know the feeling of sacrificing comfort for fashion all too well.  A top that fits just right, bottoms that don't pinch or gap, and heels that aren't unbearable to walk in the whole day through are nearly impossible to come by.  More times than not, we end up wearing the same few items of clothing for the sake of comfort while the majority of our closets sit untouched.  What's the point having a wardrobe full of stylish pieces if they never see the light of day?

Particularly when it comes to a business casual event or date night, the last emotion you want your outfit to make you feel is one of regret or self-consciousness.  Your clothing should help you radiate empowerment, fierceness, and most importantly, beauty.  With Lyssé New York’s line of fashion forward and comfort focused pieces, never again will you dread getting dressed up to go out.  


Faultless Fabrics


The foundation of any quality piece begins with the material it's made from.  That's why each and every one of Lyssé’s unique fabrics are travel friendly, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant.  Their exclusive 4-way stretch, as well as strategically placed seams allow for a flattering fit regardless of your individual body type.  Oh, and did I mention that all of Lyssé’s bottoms are made with a smoothing waistband?  Because yet again, why wear an item if it’s not doing the most for you in return?

To read more about Lyssé’s specialized fabrics such as Ponte, Knit Denim, and Vegan Leather, click here.  Trust me -- once you get a hold of these, you’ll never go back!

Day to Night Wear

Picture this:  After work you have a scheduled night out with some girlfriends.  Instead of fretting over what outfit you're going to change into (nevertheless where you're going to change), you simply slip off your blazer, un-tuck your shirt, and let your hair down.  

No more worrying about packing an extra outfit before you head out the door, or even worse, being not-so fashionably late to your get-together.  With Lyssé’s versatile pieces, you can effortlessly shift between day and night while being glamorously on-time.  

Timeless Trends


Whether you're looking for an outfit to rock a job interview, something classy to wear church on Sunday morning, or the perfect piece to bring with you on a honeymoon getaway, Lyssé is guaranteed to have something for you.  Lyssé’s collection contains a variety of basics that you’ll covet for years to come, along with a favored selection of in-season styles. 

You can shop Lyssé’s generationally seamless compilation of clothing for both you and the most cherished women in your life at  Want to shop in-store?  You can use Lyssé’s store locator to find a local retailer near you.  


Happy shopping, loves! 

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