Brand Review: MakeUp Eraser


Because makeup wipes are literally the worst!


Did you know that it takes over 100 years for a makeup wipe to decompose?  Hundreds of thousands of non-biodegradable makeup wipes are used every day.  They seem like a great and quick way to un-cake your face after a long day.  But in reality, it’s more like: take off your face, throw it away, and create dozens of problems for our Earth for years to come.  

Makeup wipes are made of polyester, wood pulp, and surfactants.  Not only do these materials clog up your pores, but they also end up in our waterways and landfills.  As a result, gasses and chemicals can infiltrate our soil and drinking water.  Whole wipes are often confused as jellyfish to turtles and other sea life, where they then get stuck and harm the animal.  



The creators of MakeUp Eraser knew there had to be a better way.  By using the world's most abundant resource, water, MakeUp Eraser eliminates waste caused by traditional makeup wipes.  Each MakeUp Eraser is equal to 3,600 wipes!  The patented material uses microfibers to pull dirt and makeup from the skin.  Plus, you will find absolutely no chemicals in MakeUp Eraser!   
















How To Use Your MakeUp Eraser


Simply wet the material with warm water.  For waterproof makeup, hold your MakeUp Eraser over your eye for a few seconds, then use circular motions to help get rid of the product.  For a deep cleanse, you can use micellar water or gentle facial cleanser on your Makeup Eraser.  Make sure to rinse after use. 

The MakeUp Eraser is 100% machine washable and dryable.  Throw it in with any load, preferably on a warm setting.  Wash the material once a week to avoid buildup, handwashing when needed.  

Each MakeUp Eraser has two sides; one with short fibers and one with long fibers.  Use the short fibered side to erase makeup, and the long side to exfoliate and massage the skin.  



The Original MakeUp Eraser

It's sustainable, dermatologist-tested, and pink!  What’s not to love?  

You can shop the original MakeUp Eraser in every color you could imagine!  From Purple, to Neon Green, and White to Fresh Turquoise, you're bound to find a color perfect for your vibe.  They even carry super cute floral and pineapple prints.  Check out the Original Pink Makeup Eraser here.  You'll need one for each day of the week!

Speaking of each day of the week, you have to take a look at the No Bad Days 7-Day Set (pictured).  In this set you will get 7 mini-sized (4x3 inches) erasers and a laundry bag for just $25.00!  Use the mini MakeUp Eraser to take off makeup, apply toner, or remove face masks. You just can't beat a deal like this! 

MakeUp Eraser offers worldwide shipping and FREE shipping to the US on orders over $50.  Not in love with your MakeUp Eraser?  Get your money back 100% guaranteed.  If you have any questions about your MakeUp Eraser you can locate their FAQs here, or access their support line that is open 24/7.

Join the movement to help put an end to traditional wasteful makeup wipes.  Get your MakeUp Eraser today and use the hashtag “#nomorewipes” to join the party.   

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