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Scent is personal.  It is defining.  Secretive.  Alluring.  Many times a fragrance gives you that signature sparkle.  It’s the final touch before you walk out the door.  Your sweet innocence sweeps through the air, drawing them in, leaving them wanting more.  

Scent gives you the power to live in the moment.  To allow your self to breathe, create, and take in the fragrant world around you.  Riddle Oil is driven to empower you to live, create, and love, without comparison.  Your scent is personal and you have every right to make it perfect, just for you.  Harness the power of allowance and live freely with Riddle Oil.  

Seven Sensual Scents

Riddle Oil has handcrafted 7 unique scents for any occasion.  Whether you are drawn to light florals or musky earth aromas, you will find the perfect oil to complement your body's natural chemistry.  Riddle Oils are never overpowering and instead linger in the air, drawing people in.  Here’s a breakdown of all 7 magnificent fragrances.  

Original: very clean and approachable, great for those with scent allergies as Original is hypoallergenic

Santal: popular among both men and women for its addicting woodsy scent of Cardamom, Sandalwood, and Amber 

Muse: playful and captivating notes of Peach, Coconut, and Peony

Poppy: uplifting and fresh, great for boosting energy thanks to Orange Blossom and Lemon

Ex: a classic scent of rose and leather, seductive and alluring

Sphinx: a luxurious natural fragrance of Sandalwood and , men and women alike love Sphinx

Voyeur: inviting and warm with hints of Vanilla

Each and every Riddle Oil fragrance can be layered and mixed to create the perfect combination on your skin.  Everybody’s natural scent is a little different.  Your true-to-self smell will highlight and complement each Riddle oil in its own way.  


Hand Designed Products

Riddle Oil has an oil for every skincare want and need.  They offer different styles, sizes, and formulas to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Riddle Oil. 

For fragrance, each of Riddle Oil’s scents come in both 8mL and 15mL options.  Once you've found the one you love, make sure to keep one in your purse and one on your vanity!  It’s just too good to only have one size! Check them all out here!

For the face try the Botanical Face Oil.  These oils are USDA Certified 100% Organic, artisan-crafted, and fair trade.  Riddle Oil is truly bringing you the best-of-the-best skincare.  Use this oil to moisturize both day and night, remove makeup, treat acne, reduce wrinkles, and calm enlarged pores.  Tea Tree, Baobab, and Blue Lotus oils will have your skin feeling smooth 24/7 without being greasy or well, oily.  You can view the entire list of ingredients as well as shop the Botanical Face Oil here.  

Make sure to stop by Riddle Oil frequently to never miss a sale on their seasonal candles.  These go fast (you'll know why when you smell them!).  To never miss a Riddle Oil sale or new arrival, sign up for emails!  Not only will you be in the know, but you will also receive 15% along with amazing insider deals.  


A Meaningful Gift for a Meaningful Woman

Shopping for your special lady can be hard- but it doesn't have to be with Riddle Oil!  Gift your mom, sister, grandmother, or wife with the gift of scent.  Each woman is unique and has the power to encompass the power of being herself.  Help her shine in one of Riddle Oil’s perfume or facial oils.  You can pick up the Riddle Oil Gift Set or present her with a Gift Card so she can have some fun online shopping.  Whoever she is, she will love the gift of Riddle Oil.

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