Brand Review: Rosebud Woman

Stopping the Stigma Behind Vaginas

Women are known for taking hours to get ready.  Maybe it's your 20-minute skincare routine, or the hour it takes to curl your hair.  Or maybe you're that girl that can never decide on an outfit (that's definitely me!).  While the time we spend on our hair and makeup is simply part of our everyday lives, why aren't we spending more time taking care of our bodies?  The female system can do amazing things and we should care about it just as much as our hair and skin.   

Too many women are avoiding talking about what happens down south because it's “taboo”.  Women shouldn't have problems down there, right?  Wrong!  Just like a sore throat or an achy back, women's reproductive health should be talked about!  Rosebud Woman is a leading force that is ending the stigma behind vaginas.  Half the people on the planet have them, so you might as well embrace it!

Rosebud Woman was started by a mother, yogi, and business owner that is passionate about bringing joy and wellness into women's lives, no matter what stage they are at in their lives.  With a group of clinicians, endless research, and lots of dedication, Rosebud Woman was born.  Before Rosebud, all the products you could find on the women's health market were either to be used for sex with a partner, or for a medical reason.  With Rosebud Woman, you can use their products every day, for every use.   Don't wait until your body gets angry and needs treatment.  Your vagina can do astounding acts, so why not treat it every day?


Ingredients From the Earth

One of Rosebud’s philosophies is to bring women 100% natural vaginal and vulvar care products.  We need to be gentle to our girl!  That's why Rosebud never uses harsh chemicals and uses organic ingredients when possible.  Nothing is put into any of Rosebud's vegan formulas without a purpose.  You can find the entire list of clean ingredients that Rosebud uses such as Jojoba, Apricot, and Coconut Palm here.    


A Collection for Every Need


Rosebud Woman knows that each and every body is special and every need requires a unique solution.  Each line of Rosebud Woman products are handcrafted and formulated for different vaginal needs depending on your age, conditions, and cycle. 

Honor:  Your vagina is one of a kind!  Make sure you give it all the love it deserves with the Honor Everyday Balm.  This formula is great for external use by massaging into the labia as an everyday moisturizer.   The thick balm will turn into an oil once contacted with the skin.  Find key ingredients such as Ginger, Sunflower, and Chamomile in the Honor Everyday Balm.  

Soothe:  This cooling cream uses Coconut Palm, Lavender, and Jasmine to calm irritation and redness.  Use after sex, exercise, post-shave, or on chafing to relieve swelling and abrasions.  Take care of the most fragile tissue in your body with the Soothe Calming Cream.  

Arouse:  Dryness is a real issue and you're not alone!  Did you know that over 25% of both pre and postmenopausal women experience vaginal dryness?  Use the Arouse Stimulating Serum to add a fun (and wet!) tingling sensation to your sex-life.  Whether you are riding solo or with a partner, apply 2 to 3 drops of this Spilanthes enriched serum to your labia and notice supple, tingling, and natural moisture.  

Refresh:  Regular soaps and body washes are too harsh and have way too many chemicals for our delicate lady parts.  The Refresh Cleansing Spray is perfect for cleaning the vulva after sex, waxing, or the gym.  Ingredients like Aloe and Witch Hazel tone the skin without drying it out like tradition soaps do. The Refresh Intimate and Body Cleansing Wipes are great for on the go.  With the same formula as the spray, they will keep any unwanted bacteria out and keep you fresh all day.  


Grounding Yourself Through Periods of Change

As women, our bodies are always changing. I know it sounds cliche!  However, it's so important to know your body, no matter whether you are 16, 35, or 60 years old!  Each season of the female cycle is different.  Our bodies can be confusing but they don't have to be a stressor.  Gain a deeper understanding of your body with The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self.  Within this book, you will learn how your female organs do the astonishing things they do.  Find a deeper love and appreciation for your body that will further connect you with touch and relaxation.  

Make self-love a daily ritual with the Body Love: A Companion Journal to the Invitation.  Discover checklists and quotes that will empower you to find rhythms and constants within your female cycles.  Take note of changes to help better your intimate side.  Order with The Invitation and receive 10% off!

More Than Just Intimate Care

Rosebud Woman believes that every woman deserves sustainable and clean products.  As women, it is our duty to uplift other women and make sure that vaginas are taken care of!  To help this cause, Rosebud Woman has partnered with nonprofit organizations such as Mama Hope, One Heart world Wide, and La Casa De Las Madres.  Their efforts have landed them mentions on Refinery 29, the cover of Oprah Magazine, and even Vogue!  Shop Rosebud Woman today and get free shipping on all US orders.  

Stop the stigma behind vaginas and start giving your lady all the love and care she is worth with Rosebud Woman!  

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