Brand Review: Scarlet & Gold

Founded on Faith & Confidence

There's one thing a woman should never leave the house without; her confidence!  Scarlet & Gold noticed that this pesky little thing called doubt was stealing women's times, energy, and joy.  Things just had to change! That’s when founders Megan and Koral faced doubt head-on and started Scarlet & Gold.  This faith-based company is empowering women to do the hard things that doubt once took away from them.  Scarlet & Gold carries numerous collections of apparel and accessories of uplifting, encouraging, and relatable quotes.   Megan and Koral are both mothers, dreamers, and believers in the power of positivity. Each time you wear Scarlet & Gold you will feel strong and ready to take on the world as the confident woman you are.  









Faith Collections

Scarlet & Gold is calling all believers to open their hearts and minds.  You are a creation of God and you should feel free to express it! Show off your confidence through the power He gives you with Scarlet & Gold’s faith-based collections.

Give Grace:  We all have our struggles.  Our ups and our downs. We aren't meant to walk alone during our journey.  Shop the Give Grace collection and share the eternal gift of life and friendship.  We love the Give Grace Arch V-Neck Tee!

Waiting On God: Uncertainty can be a confidence-drainer.  Find power and peace in the unknown with the Waiting On God collection.  Check out a variety of scripture cards and super comfy T-Shirts to remind you to never give up on God!

God’s Promises:  There's always light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe even a rainbow!  Whatever God’s plan is for you, let this collection remind you that happiness is always in store.  Shop the God’s Promises Phone Case to help keep your chin up, even on the rainy days.  


T-Shirts Made for Maximum Comfort

No more choosing to be cute or comfy.  Why not be both? Scarlet & Gold carries the most adorable and dainty T-Shirts that can be dressed up or down.  They offer three different styles of tees: regular, tri-blend, and v-neck. Each of these styles are made to be divinely soft and all come in a variety of colors and prints.  Here's one of Scarlet & Gold’s bestsellers…

The Be The Light Tee:  This print (pictured) comes in 14 different colors and in sizes XS through 4X.  You can also find it on sweatshirts, tumblers, blankets, crop tops, and long sleeves! 

Calling All Sports Lovers!

If you're anything like me, you love watching sports, tailgating, and having a good time with friends and family.  But I will admit, I don't always know what's going on and I may be known for accidentally cheering for the wrong side (oops!).  

Make sure to check out the Both Teams Cropped Sweatshirt, because all that matters is that you have fun, right? Pair it with the Game Day Hat (pictured) for a complete totally sporty look.  

Did you know that Scarlet & Gold are huge Auburn fans?  You can find hundreds of Auburn and Alabama gear (I’m talking phone cases, tumblers, clothing, blankets, everything!) under their Game Day section.  I’m not gonna lie, I'm personally an Iowa State fan but this merch is cute, I might just have to pick up some for myself!

Timeless Jewelry 

No outfit is truly complete without accessories!  In this case, Scarlet & Gold has you covered.

The Cross Necklace is one of Scarlet & Gold’s bestsellers.  Proclaim your faith with this dainty necklace, great for layering or wearing alone.  It comes in both 16” and 18” inch options. Grab one for yourself (and your bestie!) before they sell out!

Another bestseller is the Rainbow Eternity Ring.  Cleanse your mind and see the truth in your life with a ring that's good as gold.  Each color represents the hope, protection, purpose, encouragement, provision, and confidence that we can experience in life when we believe.  Pair it with the Rainbow Eternity Bar Necklace (pictured) for a look that is full of color and grace.  



Now for a limited time only, you can shop the Scarlet & Gold Limited Release Collection!  Here you will find unique pieces that are made in small batches.  Be sure to sign up for emails or texts from S&G to receive free shipping and exclusive insider discounts!  To stay up to date with Scarlet & Gold, you can follow them on Instagram at @scarletandgoldshop. You will also find a complete size guide, celeb favorites, and styling tips!

Take back your confidence with Scarlet & Gold; you deserve everything the world has to give you!  

We hope you have so much fun shopping! 





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