Brand Review: Stay Golden Cosmetics


Where Stay Golden Cosmetics Started


Tired of boring and ordinary makeup?  Do you want products with spunk and flair?  Just like you, a group of Caribbean island girls also dreamed of makeup that was more than just a product off the line.  Inspired by island culture, Stay Golden Cosmetics is both nostalgic and fun. Never again will you wear a bland lip color.  Reveal your true colors and totally amp up any look with Stay Golden Cosmetics.



Your Party Bestie

Unleash your inner party animal and leave it all on the dance floor!  With a drink-proof, kiss-proof, and party-proof formula, you'll have everybody dying to know what lipstick you use.  I mean, who doesn't love a poppin’ glitter lip that lasts the whole night long? Don’t stop the party to reapply or touch up your makeup!  Stay Golden Cosmetics has you covered, girl! Here are a few of SGC’s Glitter Lip kits… 

Not-So-Classic Red Lip:  For a fun take on the red lip, try out Stay Golden’s Burlesque Kit.  This kit comes with a lip liner in addition to the Cosmo Glitter and applicator for a flawless look

Dazzling Rainbow Glitz:  Fulfill all your unicorn and mermaid dreams with STG’s Glitz Glitter Kit.  If Candy Land was a shade, this would be it.  

The glitter lip is also perfect for cheerleaders and dancers.  Stand out on the stage and in the crowd by adding a bold and sparkly touch to your game day look! 


Applying a glitter lip is super easy!  First, apply the Gloss Bond as you would a regular lipgloss.  Then using the applicator, pat on the glitter. It's really as easy as that!  To take off, use Stay Golden’s Kiss Proof Eraser.  This oil-based makeup remover will leave your lips hydrated and glitter-free.  


Glosses for Every Party Girl

Whether you want to wear a Stay Golden lip for a night out with the girls, or just a day at the office, they have the kit for you.  Stay Golden Cosmetics is proud to offer a range of shades for light and dark colored skin alike. Check out their collection of gloss and matte lipsticks below.  

Island Girl Mattes:  For only $16 a pop, these liquid lips are great for everyday wear.  Shop an assortment of pinks, corals, reds, and even a stunning lilac. 

Shot Gloss:  These glosses (pictured) will give you a plump and juicy pout all day.  Layer over a nude shade or wear by itself for a luxurious, never sticky, look.  Get these beauties for only $10!

Look beautiful and confident when you wear a cruelty-free lip from Stay Golden Cosmetics.  Get exclusive offers when you sign up and join the Stay Golden Party! Plus, receive free shipping (yes I said free!) on orders over $50.  Never be boring again, and remember to Stay Golden, love!

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