Brand Review: The Last Coat

What is The Last Coat?

The Last Coat is the world's highest performing surface cleaner.  The hydrophobic and UV resistant formula goes on smooth, and wipes off with ease.  The Last Coat will provide a deep and lustrous clean, without water streaks! The unique solution cures in 7 minutes and can be layered for an intensified polish.  The Last Coat can also be used on appliances, windows, and mirrors. Watch water bead off with absolutely no residue. You’ll have your friends and neighbors dying to know the secret behind your glossy vehicle.  Make any car, truck, or motorcycle beam like it's brand new with The Last Coat!  


 Built From the Ground Up

The Last Coat was founded by two determined car lovers out of a garage.  With some hard work, persistence, and help from family and friends, The Last Coat grew to where it is today.  100% made in the USA, The Last Coat is set on selling high-quality products with American authenticity.  Customer care comes first, as it always should.  The Last Coat is committed to making their customers experience the best of the best with every step of the TLC process.























Must-Haves from The Last Coat   

Caring for your vehicle is a process.  Use one (or all!) of The Last Coat’s bestsellers that will leave your car gleaming for months.

The Last Coat (Upgraded Formula): TCL2 is a topnotch car polish.  This ceramic coating uses a “mesh-knit” technology to make it extra hard for dirt and grime to get under the polish.  It adheres to all surfaces, including bare metal, and beads water tighter than any other car varnish.

The Last Soap:  This ph-neutral formula is gentle on the car while still detoxing the surface.  The Last Soap can be used before or after The Last Coat polish. When used over the ceramic coating, it will rebuild and strengthen the layer of TLC.  With one 32 oz. bottle, you can get up to 32 washes thanks to the highly concentrated and economic formula.  

AMP High Gloss and Slickness Hybrid Topper:  AMP was formulated to make TLC shine.  It can be used overtop of ceramic coating to increase and touch up luster.  Although AMP works best on glass, it can be used on exteriors and interiors as well.   It is not quite as long-lasting as TLC2 and will wash away. AMP is great for adding gloss to vinyl and denim wraps.

For video tutorials and demonstrations for using The Last Coat, check out The Last Coat’s website here.  If TLC isn’t the easiest car polishing system (even though that's highly unlikely!), all products come with a 365 day money back guarantee.  Shop The Last Coat today and receive free shipping on orders over $50!

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