Brand Review: VELOSOCK


VELOSOCK is the leading pioneer in the bike cover industry.  With the cycling community on the rise, there has been an increase in demand for easy and clean bike transportation.  Each VELOSOCK cover ensures a stylish fit, made for your bike’s specific shape and size. Never again will you have to worry about bringing outside dirt and dust into your house, apartment, hotel room, car, or the bus. Your bike will always be accessible, transportable, and protected no matter where you go with VELOSOCK.

Made to last

A cyclist's most important piece of equipment is, of course, the bike itself.  VELOSOCK’s 90% polyester and 10% spandex material ensure a long-lasting and durable cover.   All covers are machine washable and colors are guaranteed to never fade. With over fifty designs and patterns, you are sure to find a cover you perfect for you and your bike.

VELO SOCK offers a vast variety of covers for BMX, road, triathlon, kids, indoor, and folding bikes.  Most covers are usable with wall racks and car mounts, making storage and transportation effortless.  

To put the cover on your bike, slide in the front tire while holding the back of the sock down with your foot.  Then cover the back tire and pedals. Straighten it out and you're done. To take the cover off, simply roll the bike forward.  How easy is that?

More Than Just Bike Covers

VELOSOCK doesn't stop there.  They also carry three different sizes of luggage covers.  These covers, made of the same material as the bike covers, protect your luggage from scratches and dirt while traveling.  Never again will you be stuck at the luggage carousel searching through hundreds of black suitcases. VELOSOCK covers make your luggage recognizable and your own!  Adding an extra layer of protection to your suitcase hinders thieves from pocketing your most valuable belongings as well.  

Check out all of VELOSOCKS luggage covers here to prevent wear and tear on your dearest travel companion.  

Our Favorites from VELOSOCK

Each Velosock cover is not only a way to protect your bike - it's an expression of the rider.  From fancy feathers, geometric patterns, and solid colors, here are a few of VELOSOCK’s bestsellers. 

For the Minimalist:  Try the VELOSOCK “Plain Colors” Bike Cover.  This cover is affordable and stylishly simple.  

For the Ride or Die: Check out the “Ray” Full Bike Cover.  This cover is compatible with road, MTB, and triathlon bikes, as well as car racks.  

For the Rare Rider:  If you're looking for just the right cover, VELOSOCK offers custom-designed covers!  Show off your own unique and special personality with custom colors, logos, and ideas.  Get started here!

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