Brand Review: Waxing Poetic

Handcrafted With Truth

We are all adventurers, lovers, makers, heroes, risk-takers, and believers.  Waxing Poetic sees these magnificent features in all of us. By harnessing this goodness, we can make the world a smaller and more beautiful place.  That’s why almost all of Waxing Poetics' unique pieces are handmade without machines. Produced in Bali, Indonesia - where silversmiths hold utmost respect- skilled artisans craft silver chains and wax cast jewelry.  The human touch used to create these pieces cherishes beauty, integrity, and profound simplicity.

Owned By Women

Waxing Poetic cherishes the saying, “In order to live, one has to give.”  When the dynamic sister duo, Patti and Lizanne Pagliei came together, they knew that Waxing Poetic would be more than just a company.  It is a channel to celebrate talents, to protect each other, to show beauty and bravery, and most of all to give back to the planet. Waxing Poetic trust that they aren't just defined by the company they keep, but rather by the company they make.  

Timeless Jewelry For All Ages

Waxing Poetic offers an exquisite variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and charms.  All ranging in size and color, these pieces can be styled up, layered or used as an accent to finish off any outfit.   

For those who gravitate dainty or minimal pieces, you will love the Good Verbs collection.  This collection contains a variety of 18K gold plated necklaces, bangels, and post earrings.  Try the Becoming Necklace to add a touch of youthful femininity to any look.  

If you're seeking a statement piece, check out the Kristal Collection.  Adorned with Swarovski crystals, this collection gives off twinkling and glamorous beams of light.  You'll fall head over heels for the Kristal Baton Necklace.  

Whether looking for something mature or piece on the more playful side, Waxing Poetic is bound to have it.  Shop all of Waxing Poetics timeless and extraordinary favorites here.   

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