Brand Review: XNO Cosmetics

The Story Behind XNO Cosmetics

In the current beauty industry, there are few brands who provide quality products without the exorbitant price tag.  XNO Cosmetics is breaking that stereotype. When XNO saw the opportunity to supply inexpensive yet high-quality makeup tools and palettes, they ran with it.  XNO Cosmetics is empowering women everywhere to both enhance and embrace their natural beauty at an affordable price.  











Signature Sponges and Brush Sets

All of XNO Cosmetics’ signature sponges are 100% latex-free.  Instead, they are made of hydrophilic polyurethane foam. This material makes the blenders soft and tear-resistant, creating less friction between the sponge and your face.  Unlike its competitors, XNO’s makeup blender is degradable and environmentally friendly.  




 Similar to their signature sponges, XNO Cosmetics carries absolutely stunning brush sets.  Sets range from ten to twelve brushes and all retail for $40 or under! Nowhere else will you find such soft, trendy, and quality brushes for such a great price.  Shop them at before they are gone!

Dramatic Pigmentation

XNO Cosmetics is also the leading light of highly pigmented and cruelty-free palettes at a sustainable price.  Find the perfect balance of cool and warm tones in both matte and shimmer shades. Each palette has its own individual theme that encourages you to be bold and make your own rules when using makeup.  XNO offers a variety of bright and daring colors for those who want to create distinctive looks, as well as a selection of natural tans and blushes for that everyday smokey eye we all love. You don't truly know the glamour of XNO's stunning palettes until you try them for yourself.  Shop them at

XNO Cosmetics doesn't stop there.  Find the whole line of high quality and cost-effective highlighters, lipsticks, brow products, skincare, and apparel at  

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