Brand Review: Zoreya Cosmetics

Why Choose Zoreya Brushes?

When it comes to makeup, having the right brush is a total game-changer.  Quality makeup brushes and sponges can get really pricey and overhyped- but not at Zoreya.  Zoreya is based on providing cruelty-free, professional, and high-quality makeup tools without breaking the bank.  Plus, Zoreya’s brushes are so cute and will totally match any aesthetic.  Say goodbye to overpriced brushes and hello to Zoreya Cosmetics.


Perfect for Travel












Each set of  Zoreya brushes comes with an adorable matching travel case.  This makes sure all your brushes stay together and clean. Another unique feature about these brushes is that they actually list what each brush is used for on the brush handle.  No more guessing which brush is which!





The 3 in 1 Complexion TRIO Brush 

This one of a kind brush isn’t like anything else.  Unique to Zoreya Cosmetics, this brush combines commonly used brushes into one.  Perfect for traveling and on the go use, you'll never again have to choose which brushes to bring with.  Bring them all with the 3 in 1 Complexion Trio. There are three different variations to the brush. All three options embody a sponge along with variations of powder, contour, blending, and angled brushes.  Find your ideal combination of the Complexion Trio brush at  

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