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If you haven’t heard, SPF is all the rage these days within the beauty community.  SPF might be hiding in your primer, foundation, or powder without you even knowing!  That’s why I was so thrilled when Little Urchin sent over their favorite SPF-packed, eco-friendly moisturizer and sunscreens!

That being said, you may be asking yourself what does SPF even do anyway?, what does it mean if my SPF is “reef safe”?, and ‘is there a certain level of SPF I should be using?

Why Use SPF?

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, limits the number of UVB rays that reach your skin.  Radiation comes in the form of photons.  Without an SPF, 100% of photons can penetrate the skin’s surface.  However, with an SPF, only a few photons are able to get through.  Limiting these rays helps to reduce sunburn and prevent serious skin cancers such as malignant melanoma.  

Nonetheless, UVB isn’t the only form of radiation to worry about.  The sun also puts off UVA rays which are associated with premature skin aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.  To protect against UVA, look for the words “broad spectrum” on your sunscreen bottle.  

Both of Little Urchin’s Natural Tinted Sunscreen and Natural (untinted) Sunscreen contain SPF 30 and are broad spectrum.  

For more on the differences between UVA and UVB rays, check out our blog post:  UVA and UVB Rays Explained: What do they mean for our skin?



Regular vs. Reef Safe Products

One aspect that I instantly noticed regarding Little Urchin was their drive to connect with nature in order to create the best formula possible that would protect humans and sea critters alike.  Traditional sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that contribute to devastating events like coral bleaching.  Little Urchin made sure to leave these chemicals out of their formulas, and in return, out of the seas!


Now that you have a little background information, let’s see if Little Urchin earned the Simply Lioness stamp of approval!



Natural Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen

Little Urchin’s Natural Tinted Sunscreen is a reef safe, water-resistant sunscreen that will provide your skin with a little extra coverage and glow. 

Be sure to apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and to reapply every 1 to 2 hours or after getting out of the water.  

All of Little Urchin's products come in a 100 gram tube for easy application.

You can find the Natural Tinted Sunscreen for $29.95 AUD, or around $23 US dollars.




Our Honest Opinion…

I just booked my first ever trip to the beach for spring break (don’t worry, we are driving down and staying in our own little secluded condo)!  If you've ever been to the beach, you know that makeup, water, and the sun don't quite get along. To solve this problem, I’m for sure bringing Little Urchin’s Tinted Natural Sunscreen along with me.  I usually wear a light coverage tinted moisturizer, so this product is perfect!  It provides a sheer amount of coverage while keeping your skin safe from the sun.  I also love that because it’s not super pigmented, it blends so easily into the natural tone of the skin, no matter what shade you are.  

What I don’t love 

  •  The first thing I noticed was that the product came out of the tube looking a bit oily.  I’m not sure if I should have shook the bottle before using or if it was simply a formula flaw.  Either way, this tinted sunscreen did appear a bit shiny on my skin and looked blotchy in places where the product was stretched.  To fix this, I applied another layer to the first to make my complexion more even.  I mean, two layers of sunscreen is just extra coverage, right?

Overall, I think this product is a super cool concept.  I love the level of tint but in the end, I found myself wishing the formula was more on the matte side.  

Natural Daily Moisturizer

Little Urchin Daily Moisturizer

Enriched with avocado oil, cucumber, aloe vera, marine algae, and antioxidant super berries, this daily moisturizer is great for all ages, including those with sensitive skin.  

Little Urchin recommends using on a clean complexion for best results.  Apply daily or whenever your skin needs extra moisture.  

Pick up the Natural Daily Moisturizer for just $19.95 AUD, or around $15 USD. 




Our Honest Opinion…

My skin has been dryer than ever this winter so I was really excited when I tried Little Urchin’s Daily Moisturizer and discovered that it's actually surprisingly moisturizing.  While it is a bit thinner than lotions I’ve used in the past, this one is great because it doesn't leave a sticky or tacky film on the skin.  I seriously can't stop feeling how smooth my hands are!

What I don’t love 

  •  One thing that I came across when testing these products is the smell.  Instead of flowers or vanilla, Little Urchin’s products have a very bland and neutral scent.  Though some might find this perfect for them, personally I wish there was some sort of natural fragrance.  To me, it smelled a little chemically and stale.  For this reason, I’m not sure I would want to lather my whole body with this lotion.  That being said, I do love it for my hands and wrists.  

Like I said above, the only thing stopping me from being drop dead in love with this product is the scent.  If that's not an issue for you, definitely check Little Urchin’s Daily Moisturizer out!  If so, keep reading for a different product that I’m sure you’ll love.  

Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Little Urchin's Natural Sunscreen is reef safe and contains both SPF and broad spectrum coverage.  You’ll find all the good ingredients like green tea, cucumber, and rosehip.  You won’t find harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and homosalate. 

This sunscreen is safe to use on the whole family!  Similar to the Natural Tinted Moisturizer, be sure to reapply every 1 to 2 hours. 

Order Little Urchin’s Natural Sunscreen for $24.95 AUD, or around $19 USD.  




Our Honest Opinion…

It’s time to stop using that generic store brand sunscreen because WOW -- this Natural Sunscreen from Little Urchin is where it’s at!  Not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw how thick this product came out of the tube.  However, as I blended it into my skin I noticed two things that really sets this sunscreen apart from all others.  First, there was absolutely no white cast left behind!  Like I said, this formula is pretty thick so I was concerned but it blended like a dream!  Second, it doesn't smell like sunscreen!  Instead, it’s scent is very subtle and barely noticeable on the skin.  

What I don’t love 

  •  The only flaw that I could pull out of Little Urchin’s Natural Sunscreen was that it did leave a little bit of a shine.  It was nowhere near as much as the Tinted Sunscreen, but it was there, especially in the light.  However, out of all the years I’ve been using sunscreen, I will say this is the most matte one I’ve come across!  

If you're debating spending a little extra money on sunscreen this summer, I highly recommend picking up this one!  It would make a great new addition to your vanity!  


Although Little Urchin is based in Australia, they do ship worldwide!  Personally, my order took just over two weeks to arrive with express shipping.  In my opinion, that’s pretty quick considering the products came from a whole different continent!

If you happen to live in Australia, Little Urchin offers free shipping on orders over $60, no code needed!

So, love, which Little Urchin product are you dying to try?  Let us know in the comments below!

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