10 Closet Staples That You’ll Wear All Year Long

There are some pieces a woman simply just shouldn’t live without.  No matter the time of year, we’ve found the top 10 pieces you need in your closet.  

1.  Mom Jeans

Trust me when I say this -- mom jeans seriously look good on everybody!  To be honest with you, they are the only style of jeans I wear these days.  Unlike skinny jeans, they are a little more forgiving and much more comfy.  Wear them in the cold months with a sweater, or in the hot ones with a cute tank.  H&M, Pacsun (my personal favorite), and Old Navy all have a great selection of Mom Jeans.  




2. Bodysuit

Meet the bodysuit, A.K.A. a key layering piece.  Bodysuits make a great base for a fun jacket, skirt, or pair of mom jeans!  They are always my go-to when I’m having a serious outfit dilemma. Get yourself a bodysuit and some pants, and just like that, you have a fabulous look.  

***Pro Tip:  When purchasing a bodysuit, get one with snaps!  You’ll thank me later when it’s time to hit the ladies room.  

3. Backpack 

A trendy backpack is the perfect way to carry your laptop to the coffee shop, your change of clothes to the beach, or your wallet, water bottle, and mask to the store with you.  Opposed to a purse, backpacks typically have more storage room and are easier on the shoulders to travel with.  Coach and Kate Spade offer gorgeous luxury backpacks, but Target and Urban Outfitters have cheaper options as well.  



4. Basic Tee

The power of a basic tee is so underestimated.  Morning business meeting?  Pair your tee with a blazer and some slacks.  Brunch date?  Grab your favorite pair of mom jeans, tie a front knot in your tee, and throw on some gold hoops.  Comfy night in?  Bring out your stretchy pants, your basic tee, and ditch that bra, girl!  Any season, any event -- the basic tee is a must-have!



5. Leggings (in every color!)

Every girl needs one (or five!) good pairs of leggings.  In the gym, at the mall, and on the couch -- leggings have you covered!  Of course you need the essentials, like black and gray, but don't be afraid to get a little colorful (check out our brand review on ColorfulKoala for bright and fun patterns!).  


6. Midi Dress

Listen up ladies! Do not sleep on midi dresses!  They make a perfectly modest dress for spring, a gorgeous wedding guest or sun dress for summer, a stunning date night dress for fall, and a great base for layering during the winter.  ASOS, Express, and Altar’d State all have beautiful midi dress options. 



7. Chunky Tennis Shoes

It's 2020 and white tennis shoes are so in. This year we’ve seen all kinds of fashion rules be broken.  I would've never worn tennis shoes with a nice skirt or dress, but now it’s one of my signature looks.  Personally, Air Force 1’s are my favorite.  For the freshest kicks, read our brand review on Laced Up here!  




8. Joggers

Want to be cozy but also look like you put effort into your outfit? Joggers are the move!  Remember ladies, work smarter not harder!  I love joggers because they come in so many different patterns and colors.  Dress them up with jewelry, or keep them relaxed by pairing with a sweatshirt.  Amazon has a wide variety of cheaper Joggers, while Nike and Champion tend to be a bit more costly.  



9. A Simple Belt

A simple black belt can take any outfit from boring to chic.  Not only does a belt cinch in the waistline, it pulls the look together and creates a sense of cohesiveness.  Belts aren’t just for holding your pants up -- they make a great accessory too!  If you are a boujee gal, the infamous Gucci belt might be for you.  They do run a steep price tag but they are truly astonishing when on.  For a more affordable belt, try your local department store.  



10. Denim Jacket

Last but not least, how could we not include a denim jacket?  This timeless piece is an essential in any woman's closet.  They are great for keeping with you when it gets chilly on a summer night, or for layering during the cold months.  Right now, we are loving the oversized denim look (pictured above).  I suggest investing in a quality brand like Levis, or stealing your boyfriend's denim jacket from his closet! 






All recommendations included in this post are completely my own.  Simply Lioness does not receive a commission from any sales connected to products or links that are attached to this article.

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