10 Ways to Practice Self Love on Valentine’s Day

The hopeless romantic’s guide to making Valentine’s Day not suck. 

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Who said you can't celebrate Valentine’s Day if you aren't booed up?  All you need is some self love, girl!  Lucky for you, we have 10 ways to make the most out of V-Day if you're ridin’ solo this year. 

1. Set Your Daily Affirmations

There's something powerful about spending a few minutes each morning saying out loud how strong you are.  Affirmations are proven to help motivate and inspire you to believe that you can do literally whatever you manifest.  Here’s a few to get you started…

  • I am worthy of love and endearment
  • I am patient and will wait for someone who can love me like I deserve to be loved
  • I radiate charming energy
  • I am loved by everyone around me

Your turn!  Write down a couple affirmations in a journal or on a sticky note.  Say them out loud and refer back throughout the day.  

Need some more ideas?  Get our 30 FREE Daily Affirmation Guide here!


2. Make Yourself Breakfast in Bed

What better way is there to start your morning?  Whip up some homemade pancakes (or toast some frozen waffles — no judgement here!), pour yourself some OJ, and crawl back into bed!  Turn on an episode of your favorite cheesy netflix series and enjoy!  


3. Take an Online Yoga Class

Right now tons of yogis are offering free classes via Zoom or Facebook live.  A quick search on google and you'll be set!  Getting my body moving early in the morning always makes me feel amazing and ready for the day.  Get that endorphin rush, girl!

Oh, and make sure to put on the cutest workout set you have!  Looking cute always makes you feel stronger.  These mauve pink leggings from ColorfulKoala and this Sweat Shirt from Scarlet and Gold would make the perfect Valentine’s Day look!

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4. Get Glam!

Like I said before, nothing makes a girl feel more like a boss than looking bomb AF.  Get out your favorite makeup and get glam!  Wear as little or as much as you want but don't be afraid to go all out.  Take your time and do it for you!  

Need some Valentine's Day makeup inspiration.  We’ve got you covered… 

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5. Zoom with Your Galentines

Calling all single ladies!  Since we can’t have any raging Galentine’s Day parties this year, why not host one on Zoom?  If you’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day, it is essentially a day for you and all of your BFF’s to get together, eat brunch, drink mimosas, and do everything girly!  Plus, who doesn't love just chatting with their girlfriends for an hour or so?  Here are some activities you could do…

  • Play bingo with conversation hearts.  Everybody prints out their card ahead of time.
  • Play charades with Valentine’s Day prompts.
  • Have one girl lead a mimosa (or other cocktail of your choosing) “class”.  Everybody buys the ingredients beforehand and follows along.
  • Each girl makes a presentation on the silly reasons why they are single (this could be really funny if you do it right!).
  • Paint your nails and chit chat.  Good old fashion time with the girls never hurts.


6. Write a Love Note

Write a love letter to someone in your life who you love!  This could be your mom, aunt, sister, grandma, best friend or yourself!  It’s a fun way to still celebrate the theme of the day without being too cheesy.  


7. Donate to a Charity

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, right?  Perform an act of kindness this year by donating to your favorite charity or nonprofit organization.  I always find that helping others makes me feel 1,000 times better so hopefully it will for you too!


8. Make a DIY Face Mask

Face Mask

To start winding down, make yourself an at-home face mask!  Click here to find 9 easy homemade mask recipes.  


9. Take a Luxurious Bubble Bath

It might seem cliche, but a bubble bath is a must on Valentine’s Day.  Spice it up with some essential oils, candles, and rose petals if you're feeling extra fancy.  Sit back, relax, and unwind.  You deserve it, babe.  

Our favorite bubble bath must-haves… 

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10. Buy Yourself Chocolate and Wine

Who said you can’t buy it for yourself?  It would be super fun to pick up an assorted tray of chocolates, a few different wines, and try to match each chocolate to a wine!  Think of it as a little taste test from the comfort of your home!  

You could also do this with different crackers, cheeses, or other foods you have in your house.  It’s your night, love!

Which one of our self love ideas are you going to try out this Valentine’s Day?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Instagram page!  


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