5 Foods that are Secretly Ruining Your Skin



Trying to debunk the cause of a breakout can lead you down a rabbit hole of funky diets, homemade zit creams, and even falling for silly acne myths.  Everybody knows that foods like pizza, ice cream, and chips are not the best options for clear skin.  But more times than not, only cutting out greasy and “unhealthy” foods isn't going to do the trick.  

You may be thinking, I stay away from junk food, I get plenty of fruits and vegetables, heck I even count my calories! What am I doing wrong?  

Keep reading to pinpoint the pesky ingredients hiding in your diet that may be causing those nasty little breakouts...


1. Your Morning Latte

If you're a black coffee drinker or are loyal to nut milks, take your “get out of jail free card” and run.  But you latte and cappuccino drinkers, listen up.  Dairy has always gotten a bad rap when it comes to skin.  Milk and cream are high in whey protein and casein.  These hormones cause our face to produce an increased amount of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that can clog the pores, resulting in acne.  Not to mention, if you're drinking milk from an antibiotic injected cow, chances are those artificial hormones are making their way into your skin.  #gross. Now, I’m not saying to ditch the only thing getting you up in the morning, but for clear skin, try switching to oat or almond milk.  




2. Juice

Wait, juice is healthy right?  Well… not exactly, especially if you don't read the label.  Fruits are naturally high in sugar, which is usually okay since it's naturally occurring.  However grape juice, orange juice, lemonades, and fruit medley juices are loaded with sugar.  This may catch you (and your skin) off guard.  Instead, try low sugar options such as cranberry juice or adding lemon as a sweetener.  




3. Bagels, toast, you name it…

You may want to reconsider your avocado toast addiction.  If you regularly consume starchy white breads, bagels, pasta, or tortillas, they may be the culprit behind your breakouts.  These high carb foods all have a high glycemic index.  This means that when you eat them, they cause your blood sugar and insulin to spike.  For a healthier option, try complex carbs such as whole wheat bread or brown rice.  




4. Popcorn… and All Things Salty

Salt can seriously dry out your skin.  Sodium pulls the moisture from your face and may even leave it cracked if not treated.  When your complexion gets overly parched, your oil glands kick in and create the gunk that clogs pores.  And as you know by now, clogged pores equal bad breakouts.  Next time you reach for another handful for those salty chips, you may want to reconsider if your worried about pimples popping up out of nowhere.  




5. Tequila 

Just like any good night, we are rounding off our list with Tequila.  While Tequila is one of the less harmful alcohols for your skin, just like salt, it pulls every drop of moisture from your face.  Not to mention how it can drain your body of vitamins and nutrients.  Dull skin is never cute so maybe limit it to only one or two rounds next time your out with your besties!

Before trying any wacko diets or funky at home acne treatments, take a week or two and cut these few foods out of your everyday life.  And remember, a little moderation goes a long way.  Stick with it, love!

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