5 Lip Care Remedies You NEED to Know!

The ultimate lip care guide


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If we learned anything from 2020, it would be that skincare is actually really important (especially when the highlight of your day is putting on your favorite moisturizer).  

But what about our lips?  They are a part of our face and skin too, right?  They deserve just as much attention!  

Keep reading for 5 different remedies to each and every one of your lip care dilemmas.  

Problem #1 | Dry Lips

The most common dilemma of all -- dry lips!  They aren't as much of an inconvenience as much as they are an annoyance.  Chances are that if you have dry lips, all you need to do is moisturize more frequently with the correct products.   

Stay away from ingredients like menthol and phenol that appear in peppermint flavors.  Instead, look for ingredients like castor and hemp seed oil.  



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Problem #2 | Flaky or Peeling Lips

Lips tend to flake and peel when left untreated or when treated with the wrong ingredients.  Like I mentioned above, some ingredients actually strip the skin of their protective layer which leaves them exposed and dry.  

To fix this problem, begin by using an exfoliating scrub on the lips.  Make sure you gently scrub and don't force any flaky skin to come off that isn’t ready. Next, hydrate your lips with a balm containing SPF.  This will help build up the protective layer while shielding your lips from the sun.  


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Problem #3 | Dull & Sallow Lips

Especially as we age, our skin begins to lose pigment and can begin to look dull and dark.  This not only happens to the complexion, but also to the lips.  

Drinking water and staying hydrated is the number one way to naturally brighten the skin.  In addition to drinking plenty of water, vitamin C is a great ingredient for boosting radiance.  Vitamin C comes in all sorts of forms including supplements, serums, and balms.


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Problem #4 | Thin Lips

Thin lips are one of the biggest beauty related insecurities women admit to having.  Avoid fillers and try a plumping lip balm instead!

These balms and glosses use invigorating ingredients that help with cell turnover, collagen production, and overall lip health.  


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Problem #4 | Aged & Wrinkled Lips

Aged and wrinkled lips can show up prematurely when they are over exposed to harmful UVA rays.  Many times, excessive tanning and unprotected time in the sun is the culprit for this dilemma.  

While you can't undo the past, you can treat aged lips!  Look out for lip serums with collagen in them.  This ingredient is what makes the skin plump and healthy.  Also be sure to lather up on the SPF lip balm every hour or so when in the sun.  This will help prevent any further damage.   


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