5 Simple Time-Saving Hairstyles for Back to School

It’s that time of year again -- back to school season.  And let’s face it, whether you're adjusting back into dorm life, taking your classes on zoom, or trying to get your kiddos on the bus on time this fall, back-to-school season always seems to make the mornings fly by.  

So how do you avoid the 8 AM bedhead without waking up at the crack of dawn?  You might be thinking “impossible”.  But don’t contemplate eating breakfast in the car just yet.  We’ve found the top 5 time-saving hairstyles that anybody can do in under 5 minutes.  

1. French Twist Ponytail

What you'll need...  brush, parting comb, clear elastic or hair tie

Start with brushed hair, parted wherever you prefer (I like mine in the middle for this style).  Begin twisting on one side of your head by taking two small strands from the front of the part.  Twist the front strand over the back, and then the back strand over the front.  You now have the twist started.  The strand that just went over should be parallel with the ground, and the “under” strand should be perpendicular.  Before twisting the under stand over the back one, add in a small chunk of hair, similar to how you would in a french braid.  Repeat this process on both sides until you get to the base of the neck, adding in a new strand every twist.  Secure with an elastic.  For a thicker twist, use larger sections, and smaller ones for a more intricate design.  When I have extra time I like to pull out a few strands to frame my face, as well as curl the ends of my hair.  


2. Mini Pigtails

What you’ll need… parting comb, two clear elastics



For these adorable mini pigtails, start with your hair parted down the middle.  Using the end of your parting comb, draw a line from the outer corner of your eyebrow straight back to the crown of your head.  Comb through your section, making sure that you picked up all of the hair that you want in your section.  Secure with a small clear elastic and repeat on the other side.  Gently pull forward on the sections to add volume.  






3. Add a Headband


What you’ll need… a headband!

Ladies, listen up!  The best way to hide greasy hair is with a headband!  I use this trick a lot, hence my huge headband collection.  Simply take your headband and add it to any style -- a ponytail, braid, curls, bedhead, anything.  Pull out a few pieces around your face and ears to add shape.  No more greasy hair AND a super cute hairstyle?  Check!




4.  Pulled Back Braid

What you’ll need… clear elastic or hair tie

This style is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while avoiding the messy ponytail look that we all know too well.  Part your hair wherever you desire.  Next, starting from behind the ears, scoop up the top layer of your hair with your pointer fingers until they meet in the back of your head.  This is the hair that you are going to braid.  To make braiding easier, you may want to secure the leftover hair into a loose ponytail for the time being.  Divide the hair that you scooped into three sections and braid as usual, securing it at the bottom with an elastic.  Remove the temporary ponytail (if you chose to do so), pull out any baby hairs to frame the face, and fluff the braid as you wish.



5.  Overnight Waves

What you’ll need… a hair tie or scrunchie, texture spray (optional)

Don’t have time to curl your hair in the morning?  No worries!  Before your head hits the pillow, throw a brain in!  For subtle waves, weave just the ends of your hair into one braid.  For curlier and more voluminous waves, split your hair into two braids or use all the hair on your head in a dutch or french braid.  Use a scrunchie to secure to avoid awkward kinks.  I have found that using barely damp hair and a pump of texture spray or mousse creates the best waves.  When removing in the morning, try to avoid brushing through your hair by using your fingers to comb through any tangles. 




Tips for Styling Bedhead

  1. Dry Shampoo is your best friend!  Don't be afraid to use a lot, but make sure to scrunch it into the hair after applying!
  2. If you're going to be curling, braiding, or twisting, start with brushed and untangled hair.  You’ll thank me later.
  3. Avoid sleeping on wet hair.  It will dry in every direction which significantly adds the funky bedhead look. That goes for sleeping in ponytails as well -- giant kinks are a no-go for me!



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