5 Worth-It Organization Products to Declutter Your Messy Vanity

Nothing is more satisfying than a pristine and organized vanity.  I mean seriously… when my products are in their set location, I swear my day is a little brighter!  

While it may seem silly, a cluttered space can make you feel stressed and anxious -- two things you never want to feel while getting ready for a long day!

Along with a cluttered vanity not being very pretty, it also may cause you to forget about some of your favorite products.  By displaying your skincare, makeup, and accessories in a fashionable and organized manner, you will never lose or forget about them again!


Acrylic Turntable Organizer

If there’s one thing you absolutely should pick up after reading this post, it's this!  I purchased one of these a few years ago and I LOVE it!  The turntable feature makes my lotions, perfumes, and body sprays so easy to find and access.  Plus, it effortlessly hides my “not-so-glamorous” products like deodorant and dry-shampoo.  You can find the turntable pictured above for $20.00 at Target.   (Seriously, you won’t regret this one!)





Jewelry Tree

Who said organization doesn’t get to be pretty?  This jewelry tree from Amazon is a beautiful way to show off your favorite necklaces and bracelets while keeping them untangled.  I like to spice my jewelry tree up by adding a few of my trendiest sunglasses and scrunchies for some personal flare.  Order the gold style above, or the silver one here for $19.99.



Catch All Dish

I keep a catch all dish on every nightstand, dresser, and vanity in my house!  They work wonderfully for keeping lip balms, rings, earrings, and hair ties in one place without getting lost.  Catch all trays come in all shapes, patterns, and colors and I promise -- they will become your new obsession.  Pick up this adorable Cheetah tray from Urban Outfitters for $18.00



Jewelry Box

This hidden compartment jewelry organizer makes storing small trinkets such as watches, rings, lip glosses, and hairpins a breeze!  I love this box in particular because it allows me to store away pieces that I don't wear as often, as well as those that don't match the rest of my space.  When it comes to choosing organization products, it's important to me that they match my room (back to the happy vanity, happy mind thing). The natural wood and white trim on this box make it one of my favored pieces.   Shop it on Amazon in 3 different color combinations for $55.99.  


3 Drawer System

We've all owned one of those boring, white, plastic drawer systems at some point in our lives.  But listen up -- our products deserve better!  Switch out your plain plastic drawers for a boujee blush and clear combo instead!  I keep my go to makeup products in the bottom, face masks in the middle, and any prescriptions in the top drawer -- but that's just me!  This system comes in white, black, light gray, cream, and light pink for just $14.99.  




So, which tool are you going to pick up first?  Let us know by tagging us on Instagram at @SimplyLioness!



All recommendations included in this post are completely my own.  Simply Lioness does not receive a commission from any sales connected to products or links that are attached to this article.

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