Are These Viral Products Really Worth the Hype...?

If you don't have an account yourself, I'm sure you've heard of the dance and comedy based app, Tik Tok (and if you haven't, where have you been for the past six months?!).  A recent trend on both Tik Tok and Youtube is posting products that you've been loving.  Out of this trend, a few products completely blew up receiving millions of likes, shares, comments, and most importantly, publicity.  In fact, some of these products are sold out thanks to all the sixty-second free advertisements on Tik Tok. So, are these items really worth the hype or are they only worth five (or should I say sixty) seconds of fame?

1. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

I've been seeing this product everywhere.  The Ordinary is a brand that thrives off of vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free clinical formulas.  All of their products are relatively cost-effective, ranging from six to thirty dollars on average.  

Once I got my hands onto this mask, I couldn't wait to try it out.  The pipette makes using this mask feel fancy and way more expensive than just $7.20.  I will admit, the deep red color did freak me out a tiny bit. However, worries aside, this mask didn’t stain my skin and the redness only lasted a few minutes.  

This solution is made of two exfoliants, AHA and BHA.  AHA is derived from sugar fruits and is water-soluble. This gently peels away the surface of the skin, allowing more pigmented and healthy skin to generate.  Unlike the latter, BHA is oil soluble and gets deeper into the pores, removing dead skin and excess sebum. When used together, these exfoliants help combat uneven skin, enlarged pores, and acne.  Be mindful to only use one to two times per week, as overuse can cause dry skin. 

I give this product a big thumbs up and will definitely be purchasing it again!  Find it here, as well as others from The Ordinary.  

2. Truly Unicorn Fruit Body Butter by Truly Organic

This body butter from Truly Organic is so creamy and colorful, it could be mistaken for a yummy serving of sorbet!  Being totally on-trend and so aesthetically pleasing, I had to see if this butters functionality performed as well as it looks. 

The Unicorn Fruit Body Butter is filled with tons of anti-aging antioxidants such as acai, chia seeds, rose water, and matcha.  These ingredients are vital for maintaining the skin's elasticity and moisture.  The exfoliating properties help wave goodbye dark spots, inflammation, and even wrinkles!  How could you resist this decadent rainbow collagen-boosting treat?

The only downside to this colorful butter is that it is a bit on the oily side.  The various oil bases in this moisturizer make it long-lasting on the skin, meaning it takes longer to melt into the skin.  If you are into creamier lotions, maybe skip this one. However, overall I give the Truly Unicorn Fruit Body Butter two decadent thumbs up!   Check it out here for $20.00!



3. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Wait, hold up.  Who knew tanning could be this easy?  When I first saw this I was skeptical too.  But once I saw the results, I was amazed. No more streaky mitts, weird smells, tanning beds, pricy spray tans, or orange tones.  Simply mix a few drops in with your favorite moisturizer and you're set!

The Isle of Paradise tanning drops come in three shades: light, medium, and dark.  Whether you are going out to dinner with friends or hopping on a plane to the Bahamas, you will find a shade perfect for your occasion.  The buildable formula includes ingredients such as avocado, chia seed, and coconut oil. Say hello to color corrected and even skin with a healthy glow!

 Look for these wonder drops at your local beauty supply or shop online, here, for $29.00.  They totally deserve my thumbs up!


4. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara

Believe it or not, the next product comes from ABC’s The Bachelor.  After a Tik Tok user noticed contestant Madison Prewett’s voluminous eyelashes, she couldn't help but find the brand of mascara Madison uses.  With some digging, pausing, and lots of screenshotting, the drugstore Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara was found to be the source of these gorgeous lashes!

The elastic pro-vitamin b-5 formula along with the grip and extend brush give the lashes an alluring boost. With this much hype, and being Bachelor approved, I give this a thumbs up.  You can shop this mascara at any local drugstore or CVS. Find it online for just $9.49, here!   

5. Makeup Sponge Washing Machine

Yep, you read that right.  You've seen a mini-fridge for your skincare product and spatulas for your face masks, but this is probably a first.  To use this little makeup washing machine, fill it about halfway with water, toss in your sponge, and press start! The machine does require two double A batteries to work it’s washing wonders.  Once the cycle is complete, drain the water to reveal a clean sponge.

Overall, this mini washing machine is made for novelty, not for functionality.  The machine tends to leak out the bottom, requiring it to sit on a towel. And for those dirty Beauty Blenders, they might need a second rinse.  If your makeup sponge needs a good wash, water and shaking it around isn't going to cut it. While the Makeup Washing Machine is adorable and would make a super gift, it gets a sideways thumb from me.  


From unheard of skincare to crazy gadgets, social media has such a substantial influence on what we see and buy.  So were these five products worth the hype? We will leave that up to you. For now, I have some Tik Toks to go watch…

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