Breathtaking Blushes for Dark Skin Tones



Calling all perfectly tanned beach babes, medium toned goddesses, and born-this-way black beauties!  We know trying to find a glowy summertime blush can be quite the hassle.  That's why we've rounded up the best tried and tested blushes for tan to deep complexions.  Because every girl deserves to look gorgeous on a hot night out, right?


NARS Blush | Exhibit A

Price | $30.00

First up is the classic NARS Blush.  We’ve all heard of the iconic shade Orgasm, but wait until you meet it’s sassy sister, Exhibit A.  This shade uses a whole lot of pigment within an insanely blendable formula to deliver an eye-catching flush on deep toned skin.  Exhibit A is just enough to pop on dark women and can be a playful hint of color on tanned women.  Pick it up here




Stila Convertible Color | Petunia

Price | $25.00

This creamy blush doubles as a lip tint!  When applied over medium to dark skin, Petunia gives off a sheer radiant flush.  Its peach and coral hues pair stunningly with dark undertones.  Find the Stila Convertible Color in shade Petunia here!




Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette | Vol. I

Price | $18.00 (holla for a dolla!)

In our previous post on black owned beauty companies (read it here!), we gave you the full rundown on Juvia’s Place.  In short, Juvia’s Place was created to carry makeup that women of color would find to suit their unique skin tones.  This palette does just that!  The Saharan Volume I Blush Palette contains 6 rich cheek pigments.  Make sure to snatch one up here before it sells out!

If you find that the Vol. 1 shades are a bit too dark for your tanned or medium complexion, pick up Volume II!  Vol. II offers lighter pink and peach pigments, ideal for ladies with light to medium skin.  

Perricone MD No Makeup Blush

Price | $35.00

Perricone Md’s No Makeup Blush uses Vitamin C Ester and Ginger Plant Extract to brighten and smoothen the skin while providing a rosy tint.  This cream formula is buildable and can be layered for a more intense color payoff.  Start by applying a dot to the apples of your cheeks.  Then, blend upward for a peachy and youthful glow.  Shop it here!







rms Beauty Pressed Blush | Crushed Rose

Price | $24.00

This vibrant pink blush from rms Beauty is everything you need this summer.  Although it’s suitable for all skin types, the bright rose color and shimmery metallics in this blush partner beautifully with deep skin.  Plus, rms Beauty is 100% free of sulfates and parabens!  Help reverse the signs of aging while treating your cheeks to the hydrating formula that they've been waiting for.  You can find it here, along with 2 other luminous shades. 










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