Celebrate Earth Day with these All-Natural Alternatives



In the on-the-go world we live in today, we often overlook what ingredients really go into the products we use every day.  The organic market is on the rise, but does this always mean sustainability?  You may be asking yourself, what's the difference? Or why should I care?  

We only get one Earth.  It has provided us with our families, homes, food, and love.  As inhabitants of our beautifully generous planet, the least we can do is reflect the same love back.  Earth depends on us to make smart choices, just as much as we depend on it to provide us with our most beloved valuables.  By making eco-friendly and sustainable choices, we can help make Earth a giving place all generations to come.  All it takes is a few seconds to read a label and a commitment to keeping our planet clean.  

For the Body:

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Key Aspects:  Aluminum-Free, Cruelty-Free, All-Natural Fragrances

We all wear deodorant (or at least we should!).  Other commercial deodorants contain metals and chemicals that aren’t appealing for the Earth or our skin.  The underarm is made up of fragile skin and harmful scents or chemicals can cause irritation and bumps.  Ditch whatever you're using now, and pick up Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant.  

Most deodorants contain aluminum slats and artificial fragrances to help mask odors- but not Schmidts.  Instead, Schmidt's uses ingredients such as coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide, and essential oils to eliminate all those not-to-great smells.  If fragrance isn't your thing, they also offer scent-free.  You can find the whole line of Schmidt's deodorants on Amazon.   


Mixology Roll-On Perfume

Key Aspects: Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free

The Mixology Rollerball Perfume is not only great for the Earth, it smells like it too!  Experience warm and organic earthy fragrances that last all day long.  It fits great in any purse or bag and can be mixed to create your Mixology signature scent.  Shop “Assured” as well as 13 other rollerballs here.  



Pangea Body Wash














Key Aspects: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Great for sensitive skin

The Pangea Body Wash has harnessed the benefits of the outdoors and brought them to live.  With soothing ingredients such as aloe, sage essential oils, and lavender you will feel Earth encompass you in all its goodness.  This wash comes in three different scents, made for both men and women:  Canadian Pine and White Sage, Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom, and Italian White Sage, Geranium, and Yarrow.   Fulfill your soul with these beauteous natural scents of the world







Lucky Teeth Organic Toothpaste

Key Aspects:  Gluten-Free, Fluoride-Free

Kiss cavities goodbye with Lucky Teeth's Organic Toothpaste!  Both adults and kids alike love this toothpaste thanks to ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, and mint.  This paste rebuilds unhealthy gums and remineralizes enamel by pulling toxins and bacteria from your mouth.  Lucky Teeth wants the best for your smile, and that's why they only test on humans and never animals.  Your teeth will feel cleaner for longer and your smile will be brighter with Lucky Teeth Organic Toothpaste!


For the Face

100% Pure FruitPigmented Cherry Cheek Stain 

Key Aspects: Naturally Pigmented, Ingredient Sourced

The last thing you want on your skin is fake dyes.  Like what are those even made of?  With 100% Pure FruitPigmented Cherry Cheek Stain, you will know exactly where your new favorite rosy cheek pigment comes from.  Fruits such as beets, blueberries, and pomegranate make this stain amazing on all skin tones.  For a more sheer appearance, use in combination with moisturizer.  








Omiana Vegan Lengthening Mascara

Key Aspects:  Mica-Free, Vegan, Hydrogen Dioxide Free

Omiana is the Queen Bee when it comes to pure makeup.  Did you know that mica, a mineral that is used in over 90% of makeup, is mined by young children?  Yes, it gives us that shimmer that we love, but it is really sustainable?  Omiana offers a selection of mica-free products from primers, to eyeliner, to bronzer, and lipstick.  One of their best-sellers in their Vegan Lengthening Mascara.  Your lashes will be lifted and gifted with their mica-free, sustainable, and curl-holding formula.  








Zuii Organic Flora Eyeshadow

Key Aspects:  Plant Derived, Vegan, Certified Organic

Zuii’s talc-free eyeshadow features pigments derived from Chamomile, Rose, and Jasmine.  You can literally wear the wonders of the world on your eyelids!  Their Certified Organic formula comes in 30 extremely pigmented shades.  Zuii is great for those with sensitive eyes, or for those looking for a buildable shadow that can be toned up or down.  




Aster & Bay BeetRoot and Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm

Key Aspects: Naturally Tinted, Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Get amazingly soft lips and look gorgeous with this lip balm from Aster & Bay!  Ingredients such as rosehip seed oil, blood orange essential oils, coconut, and beetroot give this pigment a smooth and deep color.  Use for a simple and elegant look.  Reapply throughout the day to obtain a maximum deep shade.  



For the Hair 

Honey Bee Gardens Hair Spray

Key Aspect: Alcohol-Free


This hair spray isn't like the bottle that you have sitting under your sink.  This aerosol and alcohol-free spray holds hair in place all day without the crispy side effect that we all know and hate.  Increase your hair's natural shine and leave behind those nasty chemicals that can actually cause major hair damage!  Reap the benefits of aloe, Chestnut Seed, and Sunflower Seed Extract by improving your hairs volume and bounce. 








DIY Hair Lightener

Summer is on its way and I am just dying for those natural sun highlights!  For now, you and I will have to try out this at-home DIY hair lightener.  Whether you are a blond or dark brunette, you can use this method to naturally lighten your hair or highlights.

Combine 1 cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  If you're feeling extra, add in a dash of lemon juice as well.  Hydrogen peroxide is known for its bleaching properties and lemons are great for naturally lightening hair in the sun.  Leave in the hair for up to an hour, similar to a hair mask.  Rinse out in the shower or sink and reveal your new do!  This is a fun and easy way to give your dull hair a fun new look!

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