How to Care for your Denim the Right Way



5 quick tips on how to make your favorite denim jeans last for years.

A girls worst nightmare is saying farewell to her favorite pair of denim.  Whether they got her through her first day of high school, an important job interview, or lots of nights out with friends, those jeans carry years of memories.  By taking a few extra minutes to care for your denim, you can help it (and the unforgettable memories) last just a little longer.  


1. Wash Every 5 to 10 Wears

This may sound weird, and frankly gross at first.  But I assure you, not only is it recommended by jean manufacturers, it is completely normal!  When you wash your jeans after every wear, you are unnecessarily breaking down the denim fibers, resulting in them losing their shape and color.  Not to mention that it can pill and fray any rips they might have.   

If you are wearing your denim to an office job, lunch date, or any (casual) event in between, you are safe to get up to 10 wears.  As long as you have on undergarments and practice good hygiene, wearing your jeans as many times as you can before washing them is best.  For minor stains, hand washing your denim with a toothbrush and mild detergent works just fine.

When you find yourself wearing your jeans to a job that requires manual labor, for example, washing every 3 to 5 wears is ideal.  Obviously if you're sweating a lot and your denim is getting a bit fruity, throw it in the wash.  




2. Grab a Denim Detergent

Investing in a gentle denim-friendly detergent will work wonders for your jeans.  Especially if you are only washing your jeans every couple weeks, you will want a laundry soap that is deep cleaning while still preserving color and quality.  All natural detergents are best.  Check out The Laundress Denim Wash for a great sustainable option.  We recommend washing all of you denim in one batch in order to reduce wasting water on sporadic jean loads.  If you're on a tighter budget, the Persil ProClean Stain Fighting Liquid Detergent will get you more bang for your buck.  




3. Flip it Inside Out

Washing your denim inside out extends its life tremendously.  By flipping your jeans, you are decreasing the level of abrasion to the outside fibers.  This helps maintain color and neatness of hems.  Personally, most of my jeans have intentional rips or holes.  Washing them frays the edges of the rips and makes them look really unnatural.  Washing inside out is just one more step you can take to keep your rips nice and how you like them.




4. Use Cold Water

Using cool water on your denim is a must.  Warm water can stretch out your jeans by pulling and loosening the woven fibers.  This makes them lose their elasticity and shape.  Now your favorite pair of skinny jeans aren't so skinny and you may need a belt!  On the other hand, denim can also shrink in the wash depending on the quality and ratio of the material.  To avoid saggy or too-tight jeans, wash on a delicate and cold cycle.  



5. Hang to Dry

Similar to our previous tip, you should always hang-dry your denim to avoid breaking down your jeans.  The dryer can get really hot, resulting in faded colors and wonky elastic.  Make sure your jeans fit just as good when you take them out of the wash as they do when you put them in! 




Remember that putting in a little extra care now, can result in both saving money and your favorite pair of jeans.  By following these quick and easy tips, your denim will last a lifetime!  

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