Made in the USA: 25 Beauty Companies Whose Products are Manufactured in America



A “Made In The USA” tag like the one above may seem like a rare commodity in 2020.  But believe it or not, just 100 years ago, imported clothing and perfumes were considered “luxurious”.  Practically everything inside the home was made somewhere within the 50 states.  

That all changed when American workers started to demand a higher pay for dangerous factory jobs that came with the Industrial Revolution (I promise I’m almost done with my snooze-fest history lesson).  As a result, companies began to figure out that in Middle Eastern countries, such as China and Bangladesh, wages were much lower and safety guidelines were seldom followed.  This means that more goods could be produced in a shorter amount of time for much cheaper.  Seems like a heck of a deal, right? Yeah, no -- not for the artisans and seamstresses.  

As unfortunate as it is, almost 30% of the world's products are produced by underpaid Middle Eastern workers.  We live in a world where quantity is leaps and bounds more valuable than quality.  Just take a second to think about it.  Fast fashion sites that sell a T-Shirt for $4 have a profit margin of at least 50%.  That leaves the other 50% to be split between material, production costs, general utility fees, advertising, and the worker.  Suddenly an ethically made $30 shirt doesn’t seem like such a bad purchase, does it?

So, in honor of the holiday weekend, we thought we’d share 25 beauty companies that you can support to help combat unfair wages and unsafe work environments. By shopping USA made products, you are making it possible for businesses to stay in America, as opposed to outsourcing to foreign countries.  Now that's a win-win situation!



Cosmetic Brands




Made in Los Angeles, California

ColourPop is known for their affordable yet super pigmented eyeshadow palettes.  They thrive off of, well, color and even carry eyeliner in every shade of the rainbow.  By doing their research and product development inside of their own labs, Colourpop is able to keep the costs of their cosmetics down.  Whether you are looking for artistry pigments or simple reasonably priced makeup, ColourPop has it.  



rms Beauty

Made in the USA

Rms Beauty was founded by Rose-Marie Swift, a former makeup artist.  Throughout her years of being an MUA, she learned what works and what doesn't.  The “Lumizer” was rms Beauty’s first product to launch and stands to be the first luminizer on the market.  By creating clean makeup with pigment, rms Beauty hopes to change the “clean beauty community” into simply the “beauty community”.  


Made in the USA

Not only is every Glossier product super aesthetically pleasing, but they are also made in the USA!  Glossier carries a variety of face, lip, cheek, and eye cosmetics as well as a skin care line.  All of Glossiers pigments give off a natural vibe that are perfect for achieving the “no makeup” makeup look.  


Jane Iredale 

Made in the USA

In 1944, Jane Iredale established her brand on the west side of Massachusetts.  To this day, Jane Iredale Cosmetics is one of the most esteemed Made-In-America companies.  With a focus on makeup that is healthy for the skin, Jane has had exceptional success with her Mineral Foundation, Facial Primer, and Lengthening Mascara.  



Beauty Blender 

Made in Pennsylvania

In 2007, the OG Beauty Blender took the makeup community by storm.  Founder Rea Ann Silva created the Beauty Blender as a “all in one” tool to replace brushes.  After being tired of blending out streaks and foundation lines over and over again with a brush, the Beauty Blender was born.  Now makeup lovers can stipple, blend, and sculpt with one simple sponge.  To date, the company has sold over 7 million of their iconic egg-shaped sponges.  

KKW Beauty


Made in California 

Socialite Kim Kardashian revealed the secret behind how she achieves those gorgeous cheekbones back in 2017 with the launch of her creme contour kits.  With the “snatched” look becoming more popular, KKW’s highlight, contour, and nude lip sets are some of her most popular items.  



Kylie Cosmetics


Made in California

The same company that manufactures ColourPop and KKW Beauty, Seed Beauty, produces Kylie Cosmetics as well (shocker, right?).  Kylie was born a social media star, so it's no surprise that her cosmetic brand practically blew up overnight.  She first started with her infamous Kylie Jenner Lip Kits in 2015, and since then has expanded to Kyshadows, Kylighters, and blush.  


Made in the USA 

Stila, Swedish for style, is a sophisticated makeup brand that emphasizes a woman's unique beauty.  They carry almost any cosmetic product you're looking for.  From eyeline, brow pencils, and mascara, to cheek pigments, concealer, and primer, Stila has it all.  

Milk Makeup


Made in New York

Milk Makeup is a 100% cruelty-free and vegan brand.  Similar to Glossier, Milk Makeup’s products are great for a natural makeup look.  With the exception of their pressed highlights, all of Milk Makeup’s cosmetics come in cream or stick form, some of their bestsellers being their Flex Foundation stick, Blur Stick, Lip and Cheek Tints, and the Matte Bronzer Stick.  



Elizabeth Arden

Made in the USA

Elizabeth Arden offers a range of cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare products geared towards anti-aging.  As a pioneer in the cosmetic industry, Miss Arden opened up her first salon in New York in 1910.  From there she spearheaded many firsts such as creating the “makeover”, being the first company to use the founders name in that of a products, develop travel size beauty products, and hire saleswomen to spread the word about her brand.  

Skincare Brands



Made in the USA.

Say hello to clean and cruelty-free skincare!  After its original 1996, Bliss recently did a rebrand, and now offers 39 new and affordable products available at Target and Ulta.  You can find hair treatments, skincare, and everything in between with Bliss! 

(p.s., you NEED to try their Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser -- just trust me.)

Juice Beauty

Made in the USA

 Juice beauty uses organic juices such as grape juice, lemon, aloe vera leaf juice, and green apple juice to supply their products with rich antioxidants.  They also practice the use of farm to beauty formulas, sustainable packaging, 100% clean ingredients.  Throughout several clinical studies, Juice Beauty has proved to grant heightened results regarding anti-aging, sunspots, blemishes, and scarring compared to their competitors.



Mario Badescu


Made in the USA

In 1967, Mario Badescu brought his European-style facials to America from his two room apartment in Manhattan.  Marios line has grown to carry products for every cycle of skin, no matter the age or concern.  The best selling Hydrating Face Mists (the aloe, cucumber, and green tea spray if my personal fave) can be used on clean skin or over the top of makeup.  



Made in Portland, Oregon

 Pacifica is yet another 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand.  You may recognize them as a fragrance brand, but Pacifica also offers cleansers, masks, moisturizers, and even suncare products.  Their bright and beachy packaging along with their amazing tropical scents will turn your skincare routine into a trip to the ocean!

Volition Beauty

Made in the USA

Volition Beauty is run solely on their consumers proposals.  How does this work, you ask?  Consumers can submit ideas for skincare products that would help fix whatever skin issue they are having and others can vote whether or not they think that Volition should produce the product.  If the idea gets enough votes, Volition manufacturers the product and makes it available for purchase.  Fun, right?  So next time you can't find the right serum or moisturizer, head over to Volition Beauty, and you might just become a winner! 



Derma E

Made in Southern California

 All of Derma E’s products are made in small batches in Southern California.  Derma E strives to improve the appearance of skin through vitamins, wholesome nutrients, and remarkable ingredients.  Plus, Derma E is making an effort to give back to the environment with the use of wind energy, coral-safe sunscreen, and recyclable packaging.  

Burt's Bees


Made in North Carolina

Burt's Bees, also known as the Holy Grail of lip balm, carries over 15 delightful flavors (is that what you call them?) of their classic beeswax lip salve.  I don't know about you, but Burt's Bees is my go to right when I wake up and just before I go to bed.  Each of their formulas contains responsibly sourced ingredients that help protect the skin's healthy barrier.  And as an added bonus, Burt’s Bees has donated over 3.5 million dollars to honeybee health and support efforts.  


Made in Southern California 

Dermalogica supplies a vast selection of cleansers, exfoliants, toners, treatments, and masques for every skin need imaginable.  With their team of over 100,000 skin therapists, you can even go into one of Dermalogica's stores to receive a skin evaluation, mini treatment, or 30 to 60 minute facial!  Dermalogica is PETA, Leaping Bunny, and FSC certified.



Haircare Brands

Not Your Mothers

Made in the USA

With Not Your Mother's haircare, every day is a good hair day!  Made with the best ingredients at affordable prices, NYM is a staple on any vanity.  They have a range of products for frizzy, curly, straight, textured, dry, and thin hair.  You can find Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo, texture spray, hair masks, curl definer, and more at your local drug or beauty store.  

Carol’s Daughter

Made in the USA

Carol’s Daughter is a hair care brand tailored towards women with textured or curly hair.  Lisa Price, Carol’s daughter, started her company in 1993 out of her family's Brooklyn apartment.  Since then, Carol’s Daughter has been featured on Oprah, HSN, and in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture!  Read our article featuring Carol’s Daughter here!

CHI Haircare & Biosilk


Made in Houston, Texas

CHI and its partner Biosilk are known for their collection of heat tools and hair care products.  All products are safe for colored hair and can be used on all hair types.  In recent years, CHI has expanded their company to include an online academy as well as many how-to articles for aspiring hairdressers.  



Body Care Brands

Sun Bum

Made in Florida 

Stock up on all things Sun Bum this summer while you're here!  Sun Bum has everything you need for a day at the beach!  Pick up their SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15 Tanning Oil, Sunscreen Face Stick, and After Sun Cool Down Lotion, and you're set!


Made in the USA

Philosophy is home to (I kid you not) the most heavenly smelling fragrances, shower gels, and body lotions.  I mean, with names like Amazing Grace, Vanilla Birthday Cake, and Unconditional Love, how could you not fall for these scents?  Philosophy uses gold standard ingredients along with existential fragrances to make their body care memorable and special to use.  

Nail Brands


Made in the USA

Need the nail perfect color to match your outfit?  Essie is bound to have it!  They carry hundreds of quick dry, enamel, long-wear, and salon gel polishes.  Plus, you can even shop by color to make sure you get the fabulous shade you're looking for.  




Made in North Carolina

Take your nails to a whole new level with OPI’s colorful polishes.  Say buh-bye to chipped nails and dull hues.  OPI is determined to make high-quality and luxury nail polishes at affordable prices.  It's a win-win!


From our team at Simply Lioness to you, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday weekend! 

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