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I was beyond excited when Oars + Alps sent over this lovely package of goodies for me to share with you!  Needless to say, my skin has been struggling in quarantine so I couldn’t wait to give these (spoiler: wonderful) products a shot. 

I’m always intrigued when I see a brand that uses natural and simple ingredients.  First, who doesn't love to nurture their skin naturally?  But second, what are their formulas like?  Are the products too overpriced?  Are the ingredients really natural?

So, I received, I tried, and I tested.  Did these products earn the Simply Lioness stamp of approval?  Keep reading to find out!



Natural Deodorant

Oars and Alps Natural Deoferant


Oars + Alps’ Natural Deodorant is both dermatologist approved and aluminum-free.  It comes in seven different gender-neutral scents, as well!

On their website, Oars + Alps mentions a four to five week detox process when switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.  During this time, your body is purging toxins and chemicals left behind from other products.  

Their deodorant comes in a classic screw up style container with a screw-on lid.  

Ringing up at $14.00 for 2.6 oz of product (standard), this deodorant is a bit on the pricier side.  However, it makes a great option if you're looking for all-natural, long-lasting odor protection.  

Our Honest Opinion…

When I first smelled these natural deodorants, I couldn’t believe how fresh they smelled.  I was expecting a dull scent, but these did not disappoint.  I will say though that the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent, which is a bit more masculine, lasted much longer than the Coco Capri fragrance.  

Like I mentioned before, Oars + Alps notes that there is a detox process when switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant.  I definitely noticed this in the first week or two.  I actually felt like I was sweating more, which according to their website, is completely normal.  In addition to this, I felt like I had to apply or swipe, if you will, on more product than usual to feel protected.  

What I don't love…

  • Unlike deodorants I’ve used in the past, this one tends to be very opaque.  The quick fix here is to make sure you apply after you get dressed to avoid getting white streaks on your fresh black blouse.
  • Due to the formula being natural, it didn’t glide on and melt into the skin as quickly, causing me to use more product.  

If you find yourself sweating all of the time, this natural deodorant is a must.  Not only does it help you sweat less (who doesn't need that?!), it also smells amazing. 


Natural Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream

Oars and Alps Face Moisturizer and Eye Cream

This alcohol-free, and aloe and vitamin A enriched moisturizer promises a hydrated and youthful base.  

It is best used on clean skin in both the morning and night or as a post-shave cream!

The Oars + Alps Moisturizer and Eye cream comes in a standard 2.5 oz. tube bottle, making dispensing effortless.  

You can find this moisturizer listed for $22.00.  




Our Honest Opinion…

This gem found me just in time!  This winter has been one of the worst for my dry skin.  Masks combined with dry air equals skin that is, we’ll say, less than desirable.  This moisturizing cream ended up being much thicker than I anticipated it to be, which my skin loves for the winter.  That being said, for the summer I would personally opt for a more lightweight option.  

What I don't love… 

  • This moisturizer is fragrance-free (which is awesome!) but I really didn’t love the way it smelled.  Many companies use fake scents to mask the natural “fragrance-free” smell.  Luckily it’s not a total turn off for me and I’m sure with time I will get accustomed to the scent.  

If you tend to get dry and flaky skin in the winter like me or want a thick moisturizer to use on aging skin, give this Natural Face Moisturizer and Eye Cream from Oars + Alps a shot!



Wake Up Face Serum

Oars and Alps Wake Up Serum

Oars + Alps’ Wake Up Serum can help with blotchy skin, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines thanks to its vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E packed formula.  

For best results, Oars + Alps suggests using on a freshly cleansed face.  

To dispense, simply press down on the pump-style bottle.

This serum runs for $48.00 a pop, which is on the steeper side.




Our Honest Opinion… 

Unlike the moisturizer, I was expecting this serum to be much thinner.  To me, its consistency was similar to a thin hydrating cream as opposed to a regular liquid serum (which is totally okay with me because my skin needs all the moisture it can get right now!) 

I enjoyed its scent much more than the moisturizing cream.  The serum fragrance was much more light and ordinary.  Its packaging was also a bit different in that it came in a fancy pump instead of a tube. 

What I don't love…

  • The only downfall to a pump style packaging is that product can get stuck and wasted as you near the end of the bottle.  I want to make sure I get to use every last drop!
  • I also wish that you got just a little more product for the price, as $48.00 is pretty steep.  

I have been looking for a serum for a while now and this one seems to give my skin the extra boost of healthy nutrients it needs (you can view the whole list of ingredients by clicking the “shop now” button above).  There will always be cheaper alternatives, but If you have a few extra dimes in your pocket, this serum gets the job done well.  

Wake Up Eye Stick

Oars and Alps Wake Up Eye Stick

Tired of sporting tired-looking eyes? Me too.  Oars + Alps’ Wake Up Eye Stick uses caffeine and aloe to help give your under eyes a fresh glow.

Use under the eyes in the morning, night, or anytime in between for a quick pick me up.  

The rollerball applicator makes applying this serum easy as can be.  It also comes in a sleek bottle that is ideal for travel or storing on your vanity. 

At just $21.00, this eye serum is a dream come true. Don't believe me?  Try it for yourself!




Our Honest Opinion… 

 Lately, I have been on my computer all day, every day busy with online classes, working from home, and of course, blogging for you!  Needless to say, all this screen time has me drained!  When getting ready to log onto a Zoom meeting, I always make sure to do two things -- 1. do my hair, and 2. apply the Wake Up Eye Stick.  With just a few quick swipes it cools and depuffs my sleep-deprived eye bags.  

What I don't love… 

  • My skin does get a little red after applying the stick.  I naturally have hyperpigmented skin and it tends to fade away after five to 10 minutes, though.  Be sure to use a light hand and allow your skin to chill out if you're like me. 

This tiny but mighty eye stick is by far my favorite out of all the products we talked about today.  If you try it out, be sure to let me know!  


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