Ten Pastel Palettes to Help you SPRING into Season

Spring is here and there's no better way to celebrate than by investing in yourself!  This season is full of new beginnings, growth, and of course, eye-catching hues. Kickoff your spring season by being energized and confident with these ten Spring-inspired palettes.  

1. Milani Gilded Pastel Palette

Featured shades: Pastel peaches and purples

The Milani Gilded Pastel palette pushes the bounds of pastel by using an ultra-pigmented formula.  With ten matte shades and five shimmer shades, this palette has just the combination to create a gorgeously gilded look.  The subtle tones in alliance with hints of glitter make it perfectly playful for Spring.

How to use: Place a neutral tone all over the lid.  Then grab a mid-tone and blend into the crease.  Finally, pick up a complimenting shimmer shade on a shadow brush or your ring finger.  Apply to the center of the lid and under the brow bone.  

Shop the Milani Gilded Pastel Palette online here.  In love with this beauty?  Find the whole line of Milani Gilded palettes here.  

***Pro Tip: To get a more vibrant shimmer shade, spray your brush with setting spray before dipping into your shade.  This will grab more of the pigment, making it show up much brighter.

2. Fenty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Palette


Featured shades:  Holographic purple and peach

This stunning palette by Fenty is actually a highlighter palette!  However, when designing it, Rihanna named it the freestyle palette for a reason.  All of these shades can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, and even blush! You will be absolutely glowing to the sun gods with Fenty’s Killawatt Foil Freestyle Palette. 

How to use:  For eyeshadow, blend over top of a matte shade for a pop of pastel color.  Tone down the look by using it alone on a fluffy blending brush. For blush or highlight, sweep across the cheekbones, layering shades to create a magical pastel glow. 

Look for the Fenty Killawatt Palette at Sephora or on Amazon.

3. Ciaté London Jessica Rabbit Eyeshadow Palette

Featured shades: Orange and gold

At number three on our list is Ciate London’s Jessica Rabbit Palette.  With shade names like “Carrot Cake”, “Honey Bunny”, and “Oh, Rodger!”, how could we resist?  I’m feeling all the Spring (and Easter) vibes from this palette.  

How to use: Experiment with different color combinations to find a look you love.  Apply darker shades to the outside and lighter shades towards the inside.  

Check out this adorable palette here for $39.00.

4.  Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Pressed Powder Palette

Featured shades: Muted greens, browns

Spring is neverending, just like the possibilities of the Venus Immortalis Palette.  Dip into three matte shades, two shimmers, two foil, and one cream shade. Lime Crime’s foil pigments are lustrous pressed powders that look and shine just like glitter.  Add intensity to any look with classic white and black pigments- two colors that will never die. It doesn't stop there. When held by a light for a few seconds and then shutting off the lights, this palette glows in the dark!  

How to use:  Try the shade “Unveil’ with “Moth” and “Echo” to create a Spring-inspired smokey eye

Shop this one-of-a-kind palette at Ulta for $38.00.

5.  Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Featured shades:  Yellows, lavenders, teals

The Pastel Obsessions Palette by Huda is absolutely sensational for Springtime.  This collection has three dreamy palettes: Rose, Lilac (pictured), and Mint. Find all the colors of the season like sunshine yellows, pastel pinks, bright purples, and exquisite aquas.  Each palette comes with a variety of matte and shimmer shades, as well as a compact mirror. BRB- I’ll be adding all of these to my collection!

How to use:  Create a divine look by seamlessly blending matte shades. Apply a glitter pigment overtop for sheer radiance.  

Look for the Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette instore at Sephora or online at Huda Beauty.  

6.  Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette

Featured shades: Regal greens and golds

Emerald greens and teals are the talk of the season.  Take a trip to the natural side of the color wheel by experimenting with vegan and cruelty-free Smoke Sessions Palette.  Melt Cosmetics brings eight cool and warm-toned matte and metallic shades. The buttery-smooth pigments will leave you in pure ecstasy.  

How to use:  A green look can be created by using the right side of the palette.  For a day to day gold look, try the left side. Combine these pigments to create a euphoric teal masterpiece.  

Check out the enchanting Smoke Session palette here for $48.00

7. Pat Mcgrath Labs Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Featured shades:  Neutral tans, indigo

The blendable matte pigments make the Pat Mcgrath Mothership VI palette to die for!  Create mysterious depth and luminance by building hues. All-natural ingredients used, such as rice bran and honey extracts, make this formula not only creamy smooth, but really great for your skin as well.  Add a pop of bling to a neutral look with pastel violet. You'll have the flowers themselves jealous of your dainty beauty.  

How to use:  Using your choice of a blending brush or your ring finger, sweep a neutral tone across the lid.  For a dramatic effect, pull the color out in the shape of winged eyeliner. Add a hue of shimmer to the center of the lid by using a dampened fluffy brush.  Voila, a tantalizing muted wonder. 

Shop the Mothership VI palette both online and in stores at Sephora.  Find the whole Mothership Eyeshadow collection at www.patmcgrath.com/collections.   

8.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Palette

Featured shades:  Peachy oranges, gray-toned purples

Whether you're attending an Easter brunch or swinging by the grocery store, make sure to check out the Anatasia Carli Bybel palette.  Filled with bright and satiny spring pigments, this palette is sure to have you feeling energized and full of bliss. I can almost smell the fresh air and daisies!

How to use:  This palette has shades perfect for a bright daytime look or a fierce night time smokey eye.  Try pairing “Stev” with “Aura” for the former and “Stev” with “OA” and “Jode” for the latter look.  

Find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Palette here.  Try all fourteen shades for just $45.00!

***Pro Tip:  Use peachy shades as a blush!  Use the tone “Cindy” from the palette above to add a touch of color to the cheekbones.  



9. Umoa Beauty Carnival Black Magic Color Palette

Featured shades: Vibrant fuchsia, yellow

Make Spring your season with these daringly outstanding eyeshadows from Umoa.  This long-lasting water-resistant palette will make you feel like the queen of all Spring looks.  

How to use:  Combine bold shades with pastel tones to soften the look.  Add deep browns to the crease to intensify your creation. Don't be afraid to take risks and express yourself!

Check out this captivating palette here!

10. Florence By Mills 16 Wishes Eyeshadow Palette

Featured shades: literally every color in pastel!

Rounding out our list is one of my favorite palettes for playing with color- the 16 Wishes Palette from Florence By Mills.  This blendable collection of eyeshadows is excellent for wearing color without it being too overpowering. Spring is the best time to branch out and stand out with a pop of pigment.  A neat feature of this palette is that its magnetic sections can snap apart. Great for stashing in your purse for a midday touch up or for taking with you on that Spring break vacay, the 16 Wishes palette has you covered!

How to use:  Makeup is all about complementing your natural beauty.  Find shades that compliment each other within the three divided sections of this palette.  However, feel free to mix any shades together to create a pretty Spring look, just for you.  

Look for the 16 Wishes Palette at Ulta or florencebymills.com for $34.00

Spring is full of inspiration and fresh motivation.  Seize the season and try out one of these ten beautiful pastel palettes.  Happy creating!

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