The Science Behind Zit Stickers

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Zit Stickers

Have you ever had a pimple that just wouldn’t go away? Or how about a blemish that showed up the night before a really important event? If only there was a way to make it disappear overnight!

Enter the zit sticker.  Zit stickers, or pimple patches, have become increasingly popular over the past couple of months — and rightfully so.  These small patches are taking the skincare world by storm, knocking out one pimple at a time.  

Most zit stickers come in a small dime-sized shape and can be worn overnight or for at least 6 hours during the day.  Some brands also carry patches that come in fun star shapes or patches with small darts that add an extra layer of pimple-healing magic.  

The Magical Ingredient

Zit stickers are made of a repairing ingredient known as a hydrocolloid.  Hydrocolloids absorb excess oil and pus surrounding the pimple, making a clean environment for the zit to heal in.  This eliminates the need for popping and squeezing which, in turn, helps prevent scarring and aids in the healing process.  

What Is That White Stuff?

As mentioned above, hydrocolloids naturally absorb moisture.  The white bump that you see after wearing the patch is the result of a hydrated hydrocolloid. All of the absorbed moisture gets pulled into the patch and turns white.  The more moisture absorbed, the white the patch will be.  

Do they actually work?

Yes! Personally, I have had the best luck with pimple patches when I use them on whiteheads.  Cystic acne or module-like pimples may take a few patches before you see results.  

Our favorites

1. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch (The Original)

Mighty Patch (The Original)

Hero Cosmetics



My personal favorite patches are from Hero Cosmetics.  I love them because they are affordable and clear! Between me and you, I’ve worn them out in public without anybody noticing! I call it multitasking at its finest! 


2. Dr. Jart Micro Tip Patches

Blemish MicroTip Patch

Dr. Jart



These patches from Dr. Jart are great for deep or cystic acne.  They use tiny self-dissolving darts to go deep into the skin and dry up any moisture that is stuck deep down.  They are on the more expensive side but are SO worth it if you struggle with cystic acne! 




3. Starface  Hydro-Stars

Starface Star Patches





Who doesn’t love fun skincare? Not only are these bestselling pimple patches from Starface adorable, but they also they do just the trick.  Pick them up in a variety of colors and shapes at your local Target or Sephora! 

Have you tried pimple patches yet? Which are your favorites? Let us know by commenting below or on our Instagram!  See you on Sunday! 



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