Wait, Makeup Expires?

Yep, it sure does. 


We are all guilty of keeping that one palette that we never use but keep tucked away “just incase”.  Or maybe it's the mascara that you got for your birthday, and it was really expensive so you only use it on special nights out.  Oh, and I almost forgot about the collection of unused  face masks (that may or may not be) hiding in the back of your skincare drawer.  

While it may seem like makeup lasts forever, I’m sorry to break it to you -- it doesn't.  Hoarding old and expired products not only takes up space, but it can have some pretty unflattering consequences for your skin too.  



What happens to my skin when I use expired makeup?

The leading outcome of using expired products on your skin is a breakout.  Liquids such as concealers and foundations tend to separate over time, leaving the pigment to settle at the bottom and the oily ingredients to make their way to the top.  By the time this happens, it’s probably time to say “see ya later” and pick up a fresh bottle. If you continue to use the separated product, the oily liquid will naturally come out first.  This oily substance clogs your pores like crazy, which causes nasty breakouts and acne.  Not to mention that your face will probably be a shade lighter than you'd like.  

With powders and compact shadows, a layer of oily film can build up on the surface of the pigment.  This is from your makeup brushes picking up your skin's natural oils and placing them on the pressed powder to live there forever -- or at least until you use the product again.  This can cause oil and bacteria build up that result in, you guessed it, more breakouts.  Gross!

Warning: expired mascara and eyeliner can get rather disgusting.  Every time you introduce a mascara wand or eyeliner tip to your eye, it picks up all the bacteria that your eyelashes are trying so hard to keep out of your pupil.  Then, when you put the wand back into the bottle, the bacteria live and thrive (it's like a bacteria dance party!) with all of their other bacteria friends.  No seriously -- yuck!  Now you may be thinking, isn't this impossible to avoid?  Well unless you use a different mascara wand every time you apply mascara, yes.  However, replacing your mascara regularly can help prevent oh-so-attractive eye styes and poofy swelling.

Lastly, how could we forget the lips? As a general rule, you should avoid sharing products as much as possible.  Because, say it with me, spreading bacteria is icky!  The more surfaces your lipstick is introduced to means more bacteria that is collected and the higher the likelihood of swollen Kylie-Jenner-lip-challenge-gone-wrong smoochers.  Oh, and don't even get me started on lip gloss!

Bonus! Keep and eye on face masks and other skincare products.  After about 2 years, the chemicals can start to break down. You want a smooth and even complexion, not irritated and red skin, right?

How long does each product last?

So now that you know the horrendous side effects of using expired makeup, we should probably let you in on how long your products really keep.  Remember that each brand is different and ingredients may vary.  It's always best to check the packaging or bottom of the product for the expiration icon.  It usually looks like a product jar with a number and M (for months) or Y(for years).   Here's a fancy-schmancy chart to indicate each product's shelf life.  




Time to go clean out your makeup drawer, am I right?  If you are fascinated with keeping your products clean, check out our full post on 5 tips on how to make sure your makeup stays in tip-top shape, here!  For now, go throw away all of those gross bacteria housing lipsticks that you've had since middle school.  You can't deny you have them, can you?  Haha, I'm just joking -- or am I?  Anyways, happy cleaning!

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